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Fabric Liner for Tall Narrow Wicker Tote Basket

SKU: 009401.1.NT

  • These sturdy, elegant fabric liners are designed to fit our Tall Narrow Wicker Tote Basket, which allows the lined basket to be used both as a laundry basket or a firewood basket. The fabric basket liner keeps wood chips, pebbles and dirt from falling to the floor.

    • Fabric basket liner ties around handles
    • Natural “undyed” color
    • Fabric basket liner handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia
    • Cold wash and line dry recommended

Price: $ 15.99

The environment thanks you

Every Basket Lady purchase is an eco-friendly choice, but fabric liners just might be the most environmentally savvy of all. By washing your basket liners for wicker baskets rather than throwing them away each time, you both save on landfill usage and help provide sustainable employment for artisans in Indonesia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jane Rotton J.R. Jane R.

i love my tall basket. We recently moved into a garden home and have less storage. I put all of my sheet pans and muffin pans in this basket which freed up my cupboards. The liner finished off the appearance of the basket. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Laurel Sims L.S. Laurel S.
Tall Basket Liner Review

Fits tall basket perfectly to create a finished look. Store all my dog toys in it. (Yes they're spoiled!)

Lee L. Lee
Basket Review

Great liner to finish off the look of this basket, which I use in my nursery for baby laundry.