World's Smartest Wicker Waste Basket

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Antique Walnut Brown
Ships after 08/19/20

Our World's Smartest Wicker Waste Basket is the perfect small waste basket for your home or office. This small waste basket is specifically designed to reuse plastic shopping bags as liners thanks to easy-grasp, smooth wood handles that catch and hold the handles of the shopping bags. The basket's height and sturdy handles make it ideal for those with disabilities, including limited mobility and loss of dexterity.

  • Woven rattan with wooden handles
  • Finished in Antique Walnut Brown
  • Handcrafted from natural rattan by artisans in Indonesia
Dimension Details
ONE SIZE 10"L x 8.5"W x 14.5"H
  • Basket height includes the handle.
  • Waste and recycling basket handmade from natural materials; size may vary.
  • For more about how we measure, view our Measurement Guide.
Additional Info
  • Waste and recycling basket handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia
  • Made of natural rattan
  • Due to the custom nature of the basket, moderate inconsistencies may occur.
  • Actual color may be a slightly different shade from image displayed.


Wishing you had a trash can basket that was actually designed to recycle your plastic trash bags? Wish no longer. Take advantage of all the smart design in this compact but might wastebasket that catches and holds plastic bags over its handles. Install one in every room of your home, or use it as a beautiful gift basket to hold other shower or housewarming gifts for your next family or friend’s event.

Customer Reviews

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I am going to make a confession. I have bought several genuine Amish baskets and several of these. Of course, the styles and materials differ some, so, it's kind of like comparing apples to oranges, but, Basket Lady baskets are sturdier and, for instance, if you get more than one laundry basket and stack them, they hold up. I purchased several genuine Amish laundry baskets and they start kind of chipping and peeling when I stack them. It's hard to explain, but, they are clearly not meant to be stacked, which seems crazy to me. Basket Lady baskets last forever and are handsome. I've never thrown out a Basket Lady basket. If I no longer have a use for one, I put it in storage until I do or give it to a lucky friend. This particular basket is fantastic because you can re-use your plastic grocery bags in it, or, you can still use a small garbage bag if that's all you have. These are not too big nor too small. They are the perfect size for most rooms in my house. They are perfect. There. I said it.

Love the baskets!

Love the baskets! They are perfect!

Smart, efficient and good looking, too!y

It fulfills all the expectations one should have for a waste basket plus a very important one - my dogs don't go into it to retrieve and tear the contents any more! We figured out it's probably the handles sticking up that has them spooked. Who cares, it works! THANKS.

5 star

World's Smartest Wicker Waste Basket

LOVE this garbage basket

i was looking for s garbage basket that would look good in my kitchen. this basket not only is made high quality and serves the purpose, but it also looks So Good in my kitchen!!! i just LOVE IT. I can't believe i'm so excited over a garbage basket! i highly recommend this product. you will not be disappointed!!! i give it 10 stars!!!!!

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