6 Smarter Ways to Reorganize Your Kitchen And Pantry Using Baskets

March 10, 2016

Spring is almost here, and so is the time for spring cleaning! If you’re like us, you secretly love spring cleaning, because while you’re rub-a-dub dubbing and scrubbing away, you also have the chance to get your pantry and cupboards in order.

But how can you be sure those same cupboards and shelves stay organized throughout the year? At Basket Lady, our best answer is, of course . . . baskets. By installing beautiful, durable and functional storage baskets throughout your kitchen and pantry, you can help everyone in the family keep your kitchen in tip-top order.

Here are some of our favorite ways to leverage kitchen storage baskets and pantry storage baskets when Spring Cleaning your kitchen:

Section off your pantry using baskets.

We all know how this goes. You spend hours rearranging your pantry, only to find in a week or two, it is back to its old messy state. The solution? Install a system of pantry storage baskets that easily group cans, boxes and bottles by category. Our Tapered Front Wicker Pantry Basket is a perfect solution for this task, providing easy visibility of what’s inside each grouping while also handling both short and tall containers.

Install pull-out basket drawers.

There’s a reason why we mention this idea frequently. It’s one of the smartest and easiest ways we know to refresh tired-out kitchen decor while increasing your storage space. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you remove a cabinet door and install slide-out shelving. Our Wicker Kitchen Cabinet Baskets make the perfect centerpiece for this DIY weekend project. And you won’t believe how much beauty they bring to your kitchen, too!

Divide up drawers with smaller baskets.

Sometimes the messiest, dustiest, most disorganized place in the kitchen is hidden in plain sight: inside your drawers. Reducing drawer clutter can be as simple as reorganizing your pantry was back in Tip 1. By setting a system of small baskets inside each drawer, you can ensure that everything has a place—and stays in it. We recommend our Petit Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket or Long Low Wicker Storage Basket for placement inside drawers.

Arrange easy-grab items on basket trays.

Got a morning routine that requires the same tools every time? Group everything you’ll need on an elegant wicker tray like our Wicker Serving Tray. Not only does this kitchen storage basket easily contain clutter, but it also allows you to literally lift everything you need at once—then put it back just as easily. Install a tray on every counter, island and even your kitchen table, too.

Put napkins and silverware into easy-carry baskets.

If you’re pressed for time at meals and frequently find silverware or napkins scattered about, consider taking these items out of your drawers or off your counters and installing them in their own baskets. Our beautiful Fancy Wicker Napkin Basket and Wicker Utensil Caddy can “live” on your kitchen table all year round. Not only will they look great, but setting your table is now as simple as passing the basket around the table before the first dish.

Place storage baskets above your cabinets.

If you’re like most of us, you have serious underutilized real estate in your kitchen—right above your cupboards. Our Low Square Wicker Shelf Basket or Deep Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket are perfect options for lining the top of your shelves. Fill them with seasonal items, staples with a long shelf life such as flour or sugar, or even infrequently used supplies from other parts of the house, like you craft room.

Spring cleaning time is here again. This year, why not look past just cleaning, to a larger goal of staying organized throughout the year? If you’re seeking long-term beauty and efficiency in your kitchen or pantry, it’s time to make baskets part of your Spring Cleaning strategy!

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