Measurement Guide

We list the basket measurements on each product page. Please understand that baskets are hand-woven from natural material and the dimensions will vary slightly from basket to basket (typically not more than 1/2" to 3/4" on smaller items and possibly 1" or more on larger items).

The picture shows how The Basket Lady measures the baskets.

  • Length is always given for the longest side of the basket
  • Width is always given for the shorter side of the basket.
  • Height is always measured from the bottom of the basket to the top.
  • Basket Measurement Guide

    Also, we typically provide only the outside dimensions of the baskets, unless otherwise specified. All dimensions are given at the longest, widest, or tallest points of the basket, but may or may not include the handle. If the height measurement does not include the handle, it will be specified in the dimensions.

    Critical Size Service
    As mentioned above, baskets are hand-woven and sizes will vary. If you have a critical dimension, you can request our Critical Size Service. Here is an example of how this works: 
    A customer has a cubby that is 16" wide and wants a basket that has a stated dimension of 15.5" wide. The customer could request that we ship baskets that are no more than 15.5" wide. Please note our measurement accuracy is to 1/4"; do not request sizes that are to the 1/8". The Critical Size Service is not meant to be used to create a custom-sized basket (read about our Custom Basket service).

    If you need to take advantage of our Critical Size Service, you will first make your selection and then proceed to checkout. You will then enter your information in the Critical Size Request box in your shopping cart. Be sure to note the critical size requirements as an acceptable range. Please also understand that we will do our best to find baskets to meet your requirements, but we cannot guarantee availability. If we are unable to meet the requirement, we will contact you.