Waste Baskets, Recycling Baskets & Trash Bins

Enhance the look of your household, plus keep it neat and tidy, by installing one of our elegant wicker waste baskets, recycling baskets or trash bins.

Just Because It's Trash Doesn't Mean It Has to be Ugly

Everything in your home is "just so" except for that old plastic waste can you've tucked in the corner. It's time to elevate your decor with a wicker garbage can or wicker trash can basket from The Basket Lady. Our metal liners and sturdy hinged lids keep trash and odors in. Plus, the superior styling of these wicker trash bin baskets makes them great gift items, too.


Tired of the urge to hide that ugly, well-used wastebasket every time guests come by? Maybe it’s time to switch it out altogether, from one of The Basket Lady’s stylish yet discreet wicker waste baskets. They come in all shapes and sizes: garbage can baskets, trash bin baskets, waste baskets with lids and without. And they’re so beautiful, they can actually serve a decorative function while they’re also serving a practical one. No matter where you choose to place them.


There’s so much to set The Basket Lady’s waste bin baskets and recycling baskets apart from the rest. Take our gorgeous unique-to-us woven designs, and our commitment to fair employment for the artists who create designs. Take also the little extra details we add that make your waste basket or recycling basket truly special: details like leather handles, sturdy hinged lids, metal liners and creative shapes to fit even the smallest spaces. We’ve even created some of our trash baskets with holes in the woven lid, so you can dispose of trash without even opening the basket itself.


For those concerned about properly separating their trash and recycling, or various kinds of recycling, we’ve even created recycling baskets with multiple compartments. You can insert a trash bag as a liner to each of the compartments, or simply clean out the included metal liner on a regular basis. Either way, you can rest easily knowing the entire design and construction of your waste basket or recycling basket is the most environmentally friendly design possible.


And as with all our baskets, don’t forget that a waste and recycling basket from The Basket Lady can be used for so many more purposes. So many, in fact, that we wrote a whole blog post sharing tons of options for using our waste and recycling baskets to beautify and organize every area of your home. After all, just because it’s a trash basket doesn’t mean it has to look trashy at all.


Doing your part to ensure the survival of our planet doesn’t have to be hard or tedious. We love that you’re already recycling—or want to start. With these smart strategies, you can save even more waste from entering the landfill. All it takes is a little dedication on your part … and a few beautiful baskets to help with the process.
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