Make Your Easter Entertaining a Breeze with Wicker Storage Baskets

When spring breezes blow, entertaining should be a breeze, too. But for many of us, planning our yearly Easter celebration is anything but. That’s where wicker storage baskets from The Basket Lady can help.

When most of us think of baskets at Easter, we think of containers for colorful gifts or treats. But baskets can actually lend a hand in every aspect of your Easter celebration. From pre-holiday prep to after-dinner cleanup, there’s a wicker storage basket at The Basket Lady for every Easter task.

Here are a few of our favorites, and how they can help you make spring entertaining the biggest breeze of all:


If you’re hosting Easter dinner, you’ll likely have many “cooks in the kitchen.” Want to wow them with an organized pantry and cupboards? Install any of our versatile Pantry Storage Baskets, like our Long Low Wicker Baskets or Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket. They’re perfect for tidying up your shelves after you’ve shopped for the big dinner. Or, in advance of the day, divvy different dish ingredients into separate baskets. When you’re ready to start cooking a particular Easter dish, just grab the right basket and go.

Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket

Meanwhile, extend the pre-Easter organization and decor onto your kitchen countertops. Set out fruit, candies or other treats set out for those other “cooks” to nosh on. Or, quickly whisk clutter into small but efficient storage baskets like our Petite Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket. For a dressier look, try a Kubu Round Storage Tote Basket or Wicker Gathering Basket, which you can fill with flowers, Easter grass and treats, or an assortment of decorative eggs.

Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket


When Easter dinner rolls around, celebrate the beauty of the season with wicker serving baskets. For simple elegance of presentation, choose options like our Wicker Serving Tray or Round Wicker Serving Baskets - both of which come in multiple sizes to accommodate all your main dishes, side dishes, or desserts. Plus, carry Grandma’s favorite hot dish to the table in our centerpiece-worthy Wicker Casserole Basket. (It comes in two sizes that fit the most popular Pyrex dishes.)

Wicker Casserole Basket

If your Easter meal plans include a buffet, simplify setup with a few clever wicker serving baskets that are so portable, even for the kids or grandkids can help set up. Head the buffet line up with our Fancy Wicker Napkin Basket. Add our handy handled Wicker Utensil Caddy right behind it, with its three silverware-sized slots and long narrow slot for plates.

Tall Wicker Trash Basket With Metal Liner


When Easter dinner is done, your work has just begun. Trash and recycling is easy to forget as part of Easter planning, but with our elegant Waste and Recycling Baskets, even your cleanup crew will feel the springtime spirit. They’ll love our Tall Wicker Trash Basket With Metal Liner or our Drop-In Rectangular Wicker Trash Basket with Metal Liner - which allows you to toss in items without even opening the lid!

Conscientious about recycling? Our Divided Wicker Recycling Basket keeps paper and plastic safely divvied and “under cover” beneath its sturdy lid with leather strap. This and all our Kitchen Waste and Recycling Baskets keep your disposables (and their smell) discreetly hidden while lifting the overall look of your kitchen or pantry decor.

Tall Wicker Trash Basket With Metal Liner

This year at Easter, make baskets so much more than an Easter gift. Let The Basket Lady lift your entire celebration with beautiful, functional bas-kets for all your pantry, serving and waste and recycling needs.

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