Happy Mother's Day

You might say that I have baskets in my blood. I can remember my first job was working for my grandfather Henry at his showroom putting stamps on envelopes. I was seven years old and was thrilled when I got paid a whole $8.00 for a hard days work (not to mention the numerous snacks out of the vending machine and a Philly cheesesteak lunch). My mother's father Henry Netter was a pioneer in the home decor industry, which he entered into after picking up the torch from his father. His company named Rosenthal-Netter was an original importer of all-things for the home and everyone from Hallmark to the big department stores bought from him. His warehouse was an amazing place filled with everything from Italian ceramics to Mexican glass to Indian brass and, of course, wicker baskets.

When I was about 10 years old, my mother Carol had the great idea to start selling some of his extra inventory of baskets at basket parties (think Tupperware parties with baskets). It was popular and she eventually began selling them at one of the nation's oldest country markets, Rice's Market in New Hope, PA. My first time working with my Mom was when I was a teenager. I spent summers working alongside her in hopes of saving up enough money to buy my first car. She taught me lot and even encouraged me to start my own little business, for which I had to select and buy my own merchandise to sell.

Soon I was off to college in pursuit of an engineering degree. My Mom continued to sell at the country market and even sold her baskets at street fairs in NYC. It was hard work, but she enjoyed it. In 2002, she began offering her baskets to customers across the country thanks to her new website, BasketLady.com. After university, I began working at an aerospace company designing aircraft engines. Pretty quickly, I realized that I really wanted to be doing something more creative and entrepreneurial and thus earned a business degree. Five years ago, after seeing The Basket Lady grow on its own, I decided that I'd like to join the family business and see where I could take things.

Since then, I have started my own family. First, my miniature dachshund Cooper, who appears in several of our homepage photos, and then my son Felix. Working with my Mom has allowed me to continue to pursue my career, while also giving me an incredible opportunity to also be a mom. This Mother's Day, I would like to thank my Mom for all the hard work she has put in and the heartache she has endured, and for giving me every opportunity possible. I am a strong, thoughtful, and creative woman thanks to you.

From these Basket Ladies to you, Happy Mother's Day!!

We thought we'd also share some of our favorite ideas for surprising Mom or any special person this Mother's Day or any day throughout the year.

Who doesn't love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Besides the obvious choice of our Gathering Basket, some other baskets in our collection make lovely vessels for giving flowers, plus they can be used for their intended purpose long after the flowers have wilted away. Here are some suggestions: potted hydrangeas create a classy look inside a Bicycle Basket, make a stunning table centerpiece with flowers in a Low Pole Handle Basket, create a statement for the wall with cut fresh or dried flowers in a Slim Wicker Hanging Basket, or fill a Long Narrow Pole Handle Basket with potted herbs for the foodie.


What a special treat it is to have breakfast in bed! Whether you're enjoying coffee and a croissant or tea and a scone, you can be sure it will be beautifully presented when served in one of our baskets. Choose from our classic Serving Basket with flat wood bottom or our two new styles, the Rectangular Wicker Tray and Square Wicker Tray. All three styles come in various sizes and colors to fit every décor.

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  • Denise Johnson

    My mother worked for both Mr Rosenthal and Mr Netter for years! I also worked in the office while in high school and in the summer! I have fond memories of both gentlemen and the great work experience! This was over 40 years ago!

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