7 Reasons Our Baskets Are The Best On The Market

The basket market is vast. As a discerning buyer, you know what you like, and you have dozens of options both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. At The Basket Lady, we are proud to provide you with the very best baskets on the market. But how do you know if they are truly high quality among all the options, and worth the purchase price?

We’re so glad you asked—because we’ve put a list together! Today, we’re sharing our top 7 reasons why our baskets are the real stand-outs among all your options. Each of these features makes us unique among everything you’ll find online, or at your favorite big box store or boutique.

So here we go! As a discerning shopper for your home or office, don’t settle for anything less than The Basket Lady’s...

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1) Intricate, hand-woven designs

The most beautiful—and visible—sign of a well-made basket is an intricate and tightly-woven design. The very best baskets don’t leave a lot of gaps between the reeds. Loose waving is a sign that a basket won’t stand the test of time and typically has a sloppy or inconsistent appearance. At The Basket Lady, our COO Kelli works with artisans in Indonesia to select the design or combination of designs for our baskets. Each is exquisitely crafted and tightly woven. With a basket so well woven, you’ll literally be able to “see” the beauty built into it. Not to mention enjoy a work of art in your home or office.

2) Strong and durable construction

We all know “that” type of basket. It looks great on the store shelf or in the photo, but you get it home and, well, it shakes a bit when you touch it. The rim collapses when you squeeze it. And the wicker? It bulges when you fill the basket up for the first time. At The Basket Lady, you’ll find each of our baskets built on a solid foundation. Many feature a wooden or metal frame for extra support. Others have a sturdy top quality pole structure and all are woven from 100% renewable, biodegradable rattan. Baskets from The Basket Lady sit straight on the floor and feel solid in your hands. They stand the test of time.

3) Functional design combined with beauty

Ever looked at a “catch-all” basket: one that could fit many different spaces, and fill a lot of different purposes? While we love our customers to use our baskets for out-of-the box solutions, at The Basket Lady, we also believe in designing baskets for a very specific purpose. In fact, our COO Kelli very often walks around her home and office, looking for that next clever spot where a basket could come in handy. With the help of craftsman in Indonesia, she very often sketches and designs the baskets herself—and always with customers in mind! Among our useful selection you’ll find baskets intended for kitchen cabinets, baskets for holding muddy shoes, baskets for holding metal waste cans, and even baskets for holding your casserole dish! Beauty, style and elegance are extremely important to us, but only as far as they are matched in practicality and usability.

4) Removable, washable liners

If you're looking for a basket for every day use, you’d probably like to keep dust and dirt off both the basket and the things inside of it. At The Basket Lady, many of our baskets feature a high quality fabric liner than can be removed and cleaned. This is particularly common among our larger laundry baskets and storage trunks that tend to handle laundry and towels. All liners are easily detachable and washable. So what happens when you need a new liner? Or just want to tuck an extra in your linen closet? No problem. Additional liners are always available for purchase.

5) Sturdy pole or wood handles

A great way to test the quality of a basket is to pick it up by the handles. Does the basket collapse a bit between the handles? Does it feel too lightweight? Can you imagine picking it up again with a pile of things inside? Many cheap baskets on the market feature only flimsy willow handles that, often, are the first part of the basket to break. The Basket Lady prides itself on only the best handles. Some are fashioned from rattan poles, the thicker poles of rattan. Others are made from beautiful polished, carved wood pieces.

6) Beautiful decorative accents

There’s more to a great basket than just the basket itself! Whether you’re looking for an accent piece or a working household tool, don’t settle for anything less than true beauty. At The Basket Lady, many of our designs feature extra touches such as leather handles, brass hinges or other design elements that elevate the look and feel into something really special. Some of our baskets feature extra decorative rattan patterns and among the larger, some have lift-off lids that settle tightly into the rim of the basket. We’re also proud of our polished wooden or pole handles, which have a rich glossy appearance.

7) 100% higher-grade rattan

Not all basket weaving materials are created equal. While many baskets are made from lower-quality willow or even sea grass, ours are fashioned from only 100% hand woven Indonesian rattan. (Indonesia is known for producing the highest-quality rattan in the the world.) More specifically, our baskets are made from rattan core: the interior of the rattan vine that’s left after the skin is stripped away. Rattan core is supple and strong and can be easily dyed to different colors. You’ll notice the quality and beauty our rattan immediately upon inspection. And when you pick up one of our baskets, you’ll feel its strength and durability, which willow or sea grass baskets just don’t have.

The Basket Lady is the world’s premier supplier of high-quality rattan and wicker baskets at near-wholesale prices. Contact us toll-free at 888-742-4172 or view our entire collection at BasketLady.com. Send us an email or visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

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    Agreed! Best baskets ever. Even my children have never broken these! Live these!

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