How to Thoughtfully Curate Your Home

A curated home is intended to mean one that is thoughtfully designed and it goes beyond having a perfectly decorated home that looks exactly like your Pinterest pages. It is about how you feel when you walk through the doors and being in love with your space. 

So how do we accomplish this? Here are a few simple steps that have worked for me.

Is it mid-century modern, rustic, farmhouse, traditional? What style speaks most to you? Once you understand your home and what look feels good to you, you can start decorating.

When you do start purchasing décor pieces for your home, be patient. It’s going to take time to find the perfect pieces for your home. Think before you buy, yet if you see an item that you absolutely love, don’t hesitate. Buy it! You will never regret it.

Are there items in your home that you bought just to fill an empty space? If you have furniture or accessories that don’t make you happy, get rid of them and replace them with something that you love. Filling your home with pieces you like looking at each time you walk by will make the space seem unique to you. For example, change out your storage options from bulky and bland to a stylish and classic pole handle wicker storage basket.

One important aspect of a well-curated home is texturizing. You don’t want everything to match perfectly, but patterns, color palettes and textures should work together. The natural variation of grey and beige tones of this kubu wicker storage trunk can add unique texture to any room. Plus, it helps with clutter by storing extra blankets, bedding, toys and more.

What steps have you taken to curate (not decorate) your home? Tell me about them below. 

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