Laundry Baskets, Hampers & Room Organizers


Laundry Basket or Laundry Hamper? The choice is yours! Find your style among our extensive range of laundry baskets, hampers, wicker laundry baskets and wicker hamper baskets. From pure utility to daring decoration, every product offers something unique. Plus, you can reimagine your favorite product for multiple purposes at home—or give it to a friend as a practical gift.


Make laundry day your favorite day of the week with our fabulous collection of handwoven rattan laundry baskets and laundry hampers from The Basket Lady. Each basket is so elegant you’ll be proud to keep it anywhere in your home—even in high traffic areas. Plus, we’ve added all sort of little touches to make your laundry experience as easy as possible. No matter how many sets of laundry or special instructions you’ve got to keep track of.


You won’t find wicker laundry baskets or wicker laundry hampers like ours anywhere else on the market. That’s because The Basket Lady’s designs are exclusive, and exclusively handwoven for us by artisans in Indonesia. We pay them fairly for their craftsmanship, so you can enjoy their handiwork with the knowledge you’re helping them and their families. Our hampers and laundry baskets are the perfect match of beauty with responsible, sustainable and eco friendly production.


When it comes to laundry, we’ve quite literally thought of everything. Our baskets and hampers have sturdy handles made of self-materials or wood. Many are lined with an eco friendly removable, washable liner that can also be replaced. Our hinged-lid hamper models feature sturdy brass hinges and some even have leather handles. Not to mention that all our wicker laundry baskets and wicker hampers can be cleaned with water, and exposed to it (as in, your wet laundry).


Don’t waste another day on a flimsy laundry basket you’re embarrassed for anyone to see. With The Basket Lady’s collection of wicker laundry baskets and wicker laundry hampers, you’ll transform your laundry room, and any other place where you keep those piles of things to wash and fold. Try one — and we know you’ll be hooked!