The Basket Lady Long Low Wicker Basket
Long Low Wicker Basket in Antique Walnut Brown, size XL | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Antique Walnut Brown, size S | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone as shelf storage basket in walk-in closet | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Antique Walnut Brown as coffee table storage
Long Low Wicker Basket in Toasted Oat size XL | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone, size XL | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone, 3 sizes shown | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone, size L | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone, size M | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone, front view | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone, handle detail | The Basket Lady
Long Low Wicker Basket in Sandstone, side view | The Basket Lady

Long Low Wicker Basket


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This versatile open storage container has a classic shape and strong basic weave. The bottom of each open storage basket contains a sturdy wire frame to help it sit flat. Use in any area of the home where you need an open wicker storage basket.

  • Use in a closet or next to a sofa
  • Smaller sizes make the perfect centerpiece
  • Wicker storage basket available in three sizes (Small no longer available)
  • Finished in Antique Walnut Brown or Sandstone
Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions
XL 28.5"L x 15"W x 9"H 27"L x 13.5"W x 8.5"H
L 25"L x 11.5"W x 7"H 23.5"L x 10"W 6.5"H
M 20.5"L x 9.5"W x 6"H 19"L x 8"W 5.5"H
  • Open storage containers are handmade from natural materials; size may vary.
  • For more about how we measure, view our Measurement Guide.
  • Open storage containers are handmade by artists in Indonesia
  • Made of natural rattan
  • Due to the custom nature of the basket, moderate inconsistencies will occur
  • Actual color may be slightly different than image displayed

Wicker storage plays the long game

Find yourself with a long, narrow space that’s currently being wasted? Put it to good use with this open wicker storage basket. It fits perfectly behind sofas or under tables. Or, fill the larger size with blankets or throw pillows as a shower gift, and fill the smaller ones with fruit, flowers, tea or candles as a perfect housewarming gesture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Theresa H.
Great rectangular basket

Need a rectangular basket for three Christmas cactus in the house and this one is great next to my desk and easily movable

maurine m.

Long Low Wicker Basket

Sheila M.
Beautiful basket.

I am very pleased with this basket. I’m using it as a toy box for my dogs toys. It’s very sturdy and will hold up for many years. And the best part, it matches my decor perfectly.

Keith F.
The perfect basket

Absolutely fantastic

Terrible Experience.....adding photos to my review

I am adding more pictures to my previous review for the 2 baskets I ordered ( Long Low Wicket Basket Antique Walnut Brown)

I am curious if the owner of "The Basket Lady" experienced a similar negative experience after purchasing a product, what would the desired outcome be of the owner?

I placed my first order with "The Basket Lady" for 2 identical baskets. I received the baskets and am vey dissatisfied with this order. The baskets were significantly different in color and size, and the quality is less than desirable. One basket is a dark walnut color (which I ordered) The other basket is a light blonde color. One is approximately 1 inch longer than the other basket. One basket is so misshaped that it will not "sit flat" on a surface. They both are terribly misshaped on the sides, and not a true rectangular shape. The handles are not close to the same shape and size? One end has holes in the bottom, that appear to be insect related? One basket is peeling or fading in color? It is difficult to determine...possibly during the coloring process? The actual weaving material is larger on one basket than the other. I understand that 2 baskets cannot be identical, however, someone alike would be nice, especially since these were to be in a cabinet for storage next to each other? Another aspect of my first order that was disappointing......the automatic emailed order receipt that I received did not indicate the size measurements of the baskets I ordered. I emailed to inquire as why the description of my order was not included in the receipt. I received an email with an answer that was rude and did not directly answer my question. Therefore I inquired again, with no response as to why the description is not in my order receipt. Of course, after receiving my baskets, I am quite sure I know the answer.....Maybe "The Basket Lady" does not include the actual size on the order receipt that is listed on the website because they are aware the customer may not receive this what I experienced. Nevertheless, my order with "The Basket Lady" was a bad experience. After emails back and forth, my issue is still not resolved. I am including pictures to back up my review. I personally count on reviews to help me make my decisions about purchases. In return, I like to post my honest reviews so others know as well. In my experience and personal view, these baskets are not quality baskets and "The Basket Lady" customer services is less to be desired. ON A POSITIVE NOTE....there are many, many great basket companies that provide excellent customer services and high quality baskets, and some at a fraction of the cost than this company. Thank you for allowing me to submit my honest review!!

We're sorry that you're having this frustrating experience. The Basket Lady has tried to reach out to you previously to help resolve this issue and again reached out to you earlier today to get the baskets replaced. Our system doesn't include the size dimensions on the paperwork, as the size descriptor is generally sufficient. We hope that once you receive the new baskets you will understand why we have 1,000s of 5-star reviews on our handcrafted baskets.

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