Our Story

Mother-daughter duo behind The Basket Lady


As a family-run, 3rd generation business, we’ve worked together over 70 years to weave high-quality, stylish, handmade wicker baskets to effortlessly help solve your clutter and storage challenges.


We’re on a mission to solve your home’s clutter, storage, and organization challenges – one beautifully crafted and expertly woven wicker and rattan basket at a time.


THE BASKET LADY is a family-owned and operated home decor and handwoven wicker basket business that was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1990, and managed by mother-daughter duo Carol Littman and Kelli Katch.

Following in their family’s footsteps, THE BASKET LADY’S deep roots in the business go back over 70 years when their ancestors dug their heels into home decor by manufacturing, distributing, and importing ceramics, decorative trays, woven baskets, and smart, beautiful items for the home.

Now, over 30 years later and armed with a passion for creating and importing unique rattan and wicker basket designs, THE BASKET LADY works directly with skilled artisans and weavers in Indonesia to produce and offer a wide range of high-quality, handmade baskets that artfully weave together style and function.

THE BASKET LADY’S unique and timeless designs can be found in homes and at retail shops, restaurants, spas, hotels, and fitness clubs across the country.


Carol Littman’s father and grandfather were trailblazers in the home decor space. Her grandfather manufactured hand-painted trays, and her father was one of the first importers of Italian ceramics.

Carol developed her eye for style while studying Fine Arts Education at Syracuse University and the Laguna Beach School of Art & Design. As a young mom, she launched a small party business selling baskets and home decor products with the help of regional suppliers.

On a quest to find the highest quality wicker and natural materials, Carol expanded the business and began developing and designing her own wicker baskets with the help of highly-skilled artisans in Indonesia.


Kelli joined the family business after spending eight years in the aerospace industry. With degrees in Engineering and International Business, Kelli handles the day-to-day operations and works directly with corporate customers to fulfill their needs.

Gifted with the family’s flair for design, Kelli’s artistic visions have helped shape and create some of their best-selling products. She also gets organization and storage inspiration from her two boys, and THE BASKET LADY’S mascot, Dyson, a long-haired miniature dachshund.