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About Us

THE BASKET LADY is owned and managed by mother-daughter duo Carol Littman and Kelli Katch. Coming from a family with deep roots in the design and distribution of decorative products for the home, both Carol and Kelli have a keen sense of style and design. During the earlier part of the 1900's, Carol's grandfather manufactured and distributed hand-painted decorative trays, many of which were used as wall art. Her father was a pioneer of imported home decor from around the world and one of the first importers of Italian ceramics, much of which he personally designed and can still be found actively traded on Ebay. Besides ceramics, his business included many other product categories, including baskets, which gave Carol her introduction into the world of wicker. 

Carol has always been creative and after high school, she attended Syracuse University as a fine arts major in Silversmithing. She continued her fine arts education at Laguna Beach School of Art & Design and Abington Art Center. In 1988, she decided to start a small home-party business selling baskets and decorative accessories. Locating regional suppliers where she could buy better quality goods, she put them together to create exciting and unique product collections.

By 1990, Carol decided to expand the business and rented retail space at one of the nation's oldest country markets. Sales grew and she realized that the available suppliers just didn't offer the level of quality and design that she was seeking. After identifying several competent basket-making companies, she began designing and developing her first line of product. 

As destiny would have it, Carol's daughter Kelli joined the family business, after spending 8 years working in the aerospace industry. With engineering and international business degrees, Kelli focuses on the business operations and working directly with corporate customers. With an inherited eye for design, she also dabbles in new product development and keeping THE BASKET LADY's image fresh and fun. She also gets daily support from THE BASKET LADY mascot, her longhaired miniature dachshund Cooper, and lots of organization ideas from her two boys.

Now with over 20 years of experience in designing and importing rattan and wicker baskets, THE BASKET LADY has become the premier source of high-quality rattan and wicker baskets. Made from the highest quality rattan and other natural materials, our wicker baskets are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Indonesia. By working directly with the weavers and doing our own importing, THE BASKET LADY is able to offer a large selection of unique wicker baskets at near wholesale prices. Unlike big box and retail furniture stores, THE BASKET LADY focuses only on wicker baskets. Homes all across the United States, as well as retail stores, hotels, spas, restaurants, and fitness clubs have made THE BASKET LADY their source for high quality, unique, and beautiful wicker baskets.