New from The Basket Lady: Portable, Eco-friendly Wicker Housing


You’ve seen all the buzz about 3D printed houses. Imagine being able to design your own highly portable dwelling from a material so new and a style so fresh, you’ll make even the 3D printers jealous! Now, your wait is over. The Basket Lady is proud to announce the next hot trend in home design: portable, ecologically friendly wicker housing.

“This is a big step forward for our family owned company,” said Kelli Katch, Chief Operating Officer of The Basket Lady. “We have been helping our customers beautify and organize their homes for many years. As a team, we decided it was time we took the obvious next leap—from organizing their homes to quite literally making the home of their dreams.”

And the home of your dreams it is. And unlike any other housing option on the market today.


You may be thinking The Basket Lady has simply created an over-sized upside-down wicker storage basket that’s big enough to live in. But actually, these new housing structures are multi-room, multi-dimensional dwellings fashioned of hand-woven rattan, complete with interlocking walls.

Each innovative design blends the aesthetic and ecological sensitivity of natural materials with the stately roominess and “little extra touches” you expect in a custom-designed home.

“We know our customers love our elegant wicker storage baskets, waste and recycling baskets and organizer baskets,” said Katch. “Some even have a whole house or business full of our baskets. So we’re asking our customers, ‘Why not step in the future with us—and move from surrounding yourself with baskets to wrapping yourself in whole walls made of, well, basket?”

And what a question it is.


Designed with the same structural integrity and attention to detail as our sturdiest storage basket, our new line of portable wicker homes will redefine the housing market for years to come.

Imagine walls so light, you can shift them around wherever you like. Or, simply lift up the entire structure (with conveniently placed leather handles, of course) and move it from one place to the next. No more expensive, anchored-down housing that can’t go with you on vacation or to that cross-country relocation.

The Basket Lady’s brand new housing solution affords customers a lighter, airier, all-natural lifestyle that harkens back to our ancestors. Plus, the lower cost of this surprisingly sturdy material means more affordable housing will soon be available to a much greater percentage of the population.


Organization, too, remains a top priority in new wicker housing. The Basket Lady has quite literally woven in cubbies for closets, drawers and built-in baskets all over the place. And just like our lined wicker laundry baskets, the walls and interiors of our wicker housing all feature detachable coverings that can be easily swapped, washed or removed altogether.

There are endless ways to personalize your wicker housing. Houses are available in our classic Toasted Oat and Walnut Brown. Mix and match with multiple styles of exclusive weave designed by our artisans in Indonesia. Plus, the wicker can be easily spray-painted as well to completely transform the look of your dwelling.

“Baskets really are a display of one’s practicality and personality,” said Katch. “And what could be a more ultimate expression of both than one’s own home?"


While The Basket Lady’s new housing line is not currently in stock, our brand-new staff of home design consultants are now accepting pre-orders based on available prototypes. Contact us today to review your options and begin to design the wicker home of your dreams.

To sweeten the deal, The Basket Lady will even offer a substantial discount to the first 500 pre-orders of custom wicker homes. Just don’t forget to use the code APRILFOOLS.

That's right. In case you haven't figured it out yet, April fools! The Basket Lady is NOT developing a new line of wicker homes. The photos shown in this article are actually created by artist Patrick Dougherty. Over the last thirty years, he has designed and built over 250 different environmental works and become internationally acclaimed. His sculptures has been seen worldwide---from Scotland to Japan to Brussels, and all over the United States. View Patrick Dougherty's artistic work at:

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