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DIY: Make it Yours!

May 26, 2014

Everyone is talking about DIY these days. The trend of refurbishing, or personalizing home products is at an all time high. But many of us don’t think about wicker basket customization. I was perusing Pinterest the other day and was inspired by the wide variety of DIY options for wicker basket customization and decided to try one for myself.

This colorful, spray painted wicker basket will surely brighten up my room.  What do you think? 

Paint our Pole Handle Storage Basket any color you want to match your space Customize our Pole Handle Storage Basket to match any decor

 You can easily do this too. Start with the Pole Handle Storage Basket and choose your color spray paint. See the images below for how I did it.

  Step-by-step images for spray painting our Pole Handle Storage Basket  

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