6 Fall Activities Your Family Will Absolutely Love

Fall officially starts on September 22nd, but here at the Basket Lady we are already seeing clear signs of fall. Changing leaves, cool breezes, warm cider, crisp apples and crunchy harvest vegetables mean it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a great time to discover new recipes using the abundant farm fresh produce available during the harvest season.

Are you ready to make memories with your family this autumn? Whether you’re cozied up at home or out dancing in a swirl of leaves, here are our top ways to celebrate fall.

Basket Lady - Pick your own garden produce

Activity #1: Visit the farmer’s market

Signs of the season are everywhere. Gather up the whole family and head to your nearest farmer’s market, where there’s sure to be an autumn bounty in abundance. In addition to the season’s best produce, you’ll likely also find hot coffee and cider, baked treats, and jarred confections just waiting to be sampled! Don’t forget to take our Wicker Oval Market Basket or Kubu Round Storage Tote Basket on your outing. Both of them have sturdy handles for carrying your favorite haul—be it sweet peppers, crisp radishes, or a giant bunch of jewel-toned chrysanthemums.

Basket Lady - Camp out in your backyard

Activity #2: Camp out in your backyard

The weather may be a bit chilly for a whole weekend in the Great Outdoors, so why not camp in your own backyard instead? Pitch a tent, roast some s’mores, even read your favorite books by flashlight. Bonus: you’ll never get lost, and you can always sleep inside if it gets cold. To make backyard campouts a snap, create your own backyard camping basket and keep it near the door. Pack it with s’mores ingredients, blankets, flashlights, books, binoculars and other items you’ll need. (Our Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket is perfect for this.) Storytelling and silliness: mandatory!

Basket Lady - Visit the farmer’s market

Activity #3: Pick your own garden produce

When the weather begins to cool, it’s time to harvest all your garden bounty. Wear old clothes, prepare to get dirty and have lots of fun! Take along our deep Low Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket or Deep Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket for plenty of room to haul in your load. (Although, depending on the crop, you might find yourself eating more than you take in!) If you’re worried about your wicker storage basket getting spattered with mud—coat it with polyurethane and let it dry thoroughly in advance. Dirty baskets can be hosed down and left to dry before bringing them in.

Basket Lady - Enjoy the big game

Activity #4: Enjoy the big game

Prepping to see your favorite team play their biggest rival? Don’t let the big game begin without everything your crew needs to stay comfortable and well-fed. Create a couch-side snacking station by filling our medium- or large-size Heavy Square Wicker Storage Basket with easy-to-grab salty and sweet options. If your plans include tailgating, use those same wicker baskets to pack up everything you need—from food and frisbees to utensils and seat cushions. When you pull up to your parking spot, all you’ll have to do is pull out your baskets. It’s the stress-free way to celebrate game day.

Basket Lady - Start your fall crafting projects

Activity #5: Start your fall crafting projects

There’s nothing like fall to bring out the cozy creative sides of us. Look through your craft bins or studio and determine which small projects you want to tackle first, then create a wicker storage basket that’s got all those items ready. Knitting Grandma a scarf for Christmas? Making paper leaves with the kids? Painting those fall colors on your lunch break? Tuck your supplies together in one basket, and you’ll be surprised how much crafting you get done. Plus, if you use a basket with a sturdy handle like our Wicker Gathering Basket, you can slide your project right into the car for portable crafting.

Basket Lady - Plant your spring flower bulb

Activity #6: Plant your spring flower bulb

While you’re enjoying the colors of autumn, don’t forget to think ahead to spring. Autumn is the perfect time to plant bulbs for an explosion of spring color after the winter snows have melted. Fill our Tall Narrow Wicker Storage Basket or Round Wicker Storage Basket with your favorite bulbs and carry them out to the flower patch by their convenient, sturdy handles. Fill multiple baskets with different varieties of bulb or mix them up for a vivid surprise next spring!

What’s your favorite fall family activity? Tell us in the comments below!

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