9 Ways To Use Baskets For Easy Fall Entertaining

Autumn: it’s the season of crackling bonfires and cozy gatherings. But with life moving faster than leaves on a breeze, you probably don’t have much time to plan the perfect event. That’s where baskets can come in so handy.

At The Basket Lady, we’ve got all kinds of baskets to spice up your fall get-togethers. From planning to presentation, here are our top tips for easy, breezy autumn entertaining.

You can use baskets . . .

1) For serving easy hors d’oeuvres

For fun fall hors d’oeuvres, serve hearty soups like butternut squash or sweet potato bisque in shot glasses. Pass them around on Wicker Serving Trays or set the trays out within easy reach of guests. BONUS: trays can be easily withdrawn and refilled at large gatherings.


2) For simplifying a tailgate

When you’re headed to the big game, or on that final pristine fall picnic, get all your supplies together in baskets. Fill our Deep Pole Wicker Storage Basket (shown left) and Long Low Wicker Storage Basket with your non-perishables. Tuck the condiments, beverages or sauces in our Wicker 4 Bottle Carrier for easy toting from the car to the park.


3) For harvest-worthy decorations

Tis the season for beauty! When decorating for your event, fill our Wicker Gathering Basket with chrysanthemums, an assortment of harvest squash, fruit, or even silk leaves for an unforgettable presentation. For a more intimate look, arrange cozy candles on our Wicker Serving Trays interspersed with an assortment of foliage.

Basket Lady - flowers


4) For the Game Day buffet

Streamlined food lines keeping guests happy at all game day events. Make service simple and fast by placing cutlery, plates and napkins in our convenient Wicker Utensil Caddy. Even the youngest members of your crew can safely carry it over to the table and set it at the front of the line.

BONUS: you save more table space for that delicious spread. 


5) To fortify your guests

Entertaining a big crew who’ll be wandering through multiple rooms, or from patio to kitchen and back? Scatter our Round Wicker Serving Baskets through each room they’ll enter, and fill them with delicious chips, sweets or trail mix. That way, your wanderers will find munchables ready and waiting wherever they may roam.


6) For dinner with friends

If you’re entertaining after a busy autumn school day, consider making and freezing a casserole in advance. Defrost the day before, bake and serve in our Wicker Casserole Basket. And if guests spill spaghetti sauce or cheddar cheese on the handles? No problem. Our baskets can be lightly washed with soap and water, and dried immediately.

Basket Lady - Plant your spring flower bulb


7) As extra party storage

Need a place to keep extra boxes of crackers and chips, or extra plastic plates and cutlery, where they’re safely out of sight? Use a large lidded basket like our Lift-off Lid Wicker Storage Basket to stow away all those non-perishable items you may need to replenish throughout your event. Not only will you keep clutter off counters and out of corners, but you keep your buffet looking extra pretty.


8) For at-the-table entertainment

If you’re planning a fall wedding reception, consider keeping a basket at each table. (Our petit pole wicker storage basket is perfect for this.) Fill the basket with notecards and pens, bon bons, other things your guests will need throughout the festivities.


9) As hostess or housewarming gifts

wicker-oval-market-basket-the-basket-ladyInvited out to be the guest, rather than the host? Baskets make a thoughtful thank-you. Consider filling our Wicker Two-Bottle Carrier with some excellent wine. Or, tuck an assortment homemade treats or local specialties inside the Wicker Oval Market Basket



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  • Kay Wagner

    I have been buying your baskets for years. I recommend you to friends all the time. But now I have a problem. You used to offer more of your baskets in the light natural finish, which I much prefer. Lately I have found the shape I’m looking for on your site but not with the light finish, so am forced to look elsewhere and purchase an inferior product. Please stock the light finish again. Thank you

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