Wicker Storage Baskets: Your Space Saver Extraordinaire

February 09, 2016

Here’s how wicker storage containers help you stay organized when space is tight

If there’s one lament you’ll hear frequently about this holy grail of home design, it’s that there is just never enough of it to go around. The size of your dwelling really doesn’t matter, either. Whether you inhabit an urban loft or a rural villa, you’re no doubt on the lookout for ways to maximize your storage space.

Not to despair. With a little help from our collection of wicker storage baskets, you can reclaim all those bits of your closets, cabinets and even whole rooms that are currently underutilized. Here are three of our most favorite ways to extend your home storage capabilities using wicker storage baskets:

Use wicker storage baskets to subdivide larger storage areas

It’s easy for clutter to pile up on large open shelving in your pantry or linen closet. Smaller items always fall behind larger ones. Neat rows soon become crooked. Eventually, we find our things have overflowed even the most spacious shelves. By subdividing each larger shelf with wicker storage containers, you can group items that belong together and actually get more into a smaller space. When you need something, just pull the basket out and you’ll find it all at your fingertips.

Use storage basket containers to leverage unused nooks and crannies

Let’s face it: every room has that odd corner, or that long, narrow space behind furniture, that’s currently sitting empty. Why not turn these wasted nooks into an opportunity for more storage? With our wide range of wicker storage basket sizes and shapes, you can set a decorative accent basket into that corner that actually doubles as storage. Instead of staring every day at precious “lost” space, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it’s actually helping you keep clutter out of sight.

Use wicker storage containers to ensure home decor earns its keep

Who said beauty does not equal usefulness? When you decorate with baskets, you fill your home with valuable storage tools. Just because a basket sits in your living room, dining room or entryway doesn’t mean you can’t fill it up the same as if it sat in a closet. And don’t forget about the power of very large baskets. Some of our wicker storage trunks are so large and sturdy, they can even double as coffee tables or shelving, while keeping your good out of sight!

If home or apartment organization always feels like a challenge, don’t despair. With a little creativity and our collection of wicker storage baskets, you can take advantage of those unused spaces to transform clutter into a calm environment you absolutely love spending time in.

Got ideas already? Don’t delay! Find your first own personal “space saver extraordinaire” right now with our collection of wicker storage baskets and storage trunks.

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