Closet Organization 101

Double your available storage with a smart strategy and a few wicker storage baskets

It’s the endless dilemma: You’re always acquiring more things, but you can’t acquire more closets to put them in. (Unless you move, that is.) So how can you accommodate new items when you’re already short on space?

The answer is simple: fill your closet with wicker storage baskets. A strategic use of wicker storage containers throughout your home closets will help you extend your precious space, make room for more items, and even cut time spent searching for belongings. Here are our top strategies for getting your closets in shape with the help of wicker storage baskets:

Strategy 1: Fill every shelf with wicker storage containers

Just because you have shelves in your closets doesn’t mean you need to start lining individual belongings up in rows. Fill those shelves with wicker storage baskets instead, and group items that are alike inside each of the storage baskets for easy access. You’ll save time each morning when you pull out an easy-to-slide basket (such as our Low Pole Handle Wicker Storage Baskets) rather than rummaging through rows of individual items.

Strategy #2: Line the floor with storage basket containers

Like shelves, floor space can be subdivided using baskets as well. Use storage baskets to organize your shoes, or keep out-of-season clothing neatly tucked away under the existing season’s hangers. Select baskets with sturdy handles like our Tall Narrow Wicker Storage Basket for easy pick-up and transport. Or, use baskets with lids such as our Covered Wicker Storage Basket for simple, effective stacking in almost any corner of the closet.

Strategy #3: Tuck your hamper in the closet

Do you have a hamper that’s taking up space or blocking traffic flow in your bedroom or bathroom? Tuck it inside your closet instead. Our Kubu Round Storage Tote Basket would be a perfect option for a space-saving closet hamper. This strategy will save you time as you’re getting dressed or undressed for the day. It will also make laundry day just a bit easier—both for collecting the laundry and hanging it up again. Once again, you’ve saved both space and time.

Strategy #4: Don’t forget the trunk

If you’ve got a large area of open space in your closet, turn it into an enclosed storage space with one of our heirloom wicker storage trunks. The details are so beautiful, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to put it out in a high-traffic area. But when closet storage is at a premium, the trunk can provide the perfect place to keep blankets, toys, or holiday decorations compactly organized inside your already-full closet.

Got ideas already? Don’t delay! Find your first own personal “space saver extraordinaire” right now with our collection of wicker storage baskets and storage trunks.

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