Be a Tourist in Your Own Town This Summer

Pack your bags! We’re staying home! There are several ways to enjoy summer by being a tourist in your own town and enjoying a staycation. Here are some ideas that I have discovered with my family and friends over the years that everyone enjoyed. Maybe you will too!

Break out the bikes, pump the tires, and explore your community or local park district by bike. Not only is it an activity almost everyone can enjoy, but it is good exercise. Don’t forget your bicycle basket to hold all your valuables like a water bottle, cell phone, or even your pooch!

Every town or city has historic sites just waiting to be seen. Even if it’s a small road trip away, take a few days, or weekend, and hit several of them along the highway. Keep your car organized for the longer rides with these Square Low Wicker Baskets that can hold snacks, crafts, iPad’s and more to keep those in the back seat occupied.

I love visiting local Farmer's Markets, which is why I was inspired to design a Kubu Round Storage Tote Basket. Each market is so different! Create a list of markets that take place in your community and surrounding towns. Roaming the markets, tasting and sampling food from local farmers and vendors in beautiful weather is the perfect way to spend a summer morning or afternoon.

Lavender farms are popping up all over the U.S. and they are certainly a site to be seen.  The beautifully fragrant flowers bloom in the summer months (June – August). Our Wicker Gathering Baskets are the perfect way to hold your freshly picked flowers, and can even be used for a lavender display once you return home.

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