Summer’s Last Hurrah!

I don’t know about you, but this summer is flying by and I am in the middle of planning an end-of-summer BBQ for our family and friends.

Carol and I always look for ways to incorporate wicker baskets into the décor and also use them for functional purposes. Here are some of my top ideas, along with Carol’s delicious and easy-to-make summer salad. We would love to hear how you incorporate baskets into your outdoor entertaining too!

I love incorporating wicker baskets into my outdoor entertaining because they add beautiful texture and some creativity to your party. These Wicker Kitchen Cabinet Baskets are perfect for holding and displaying wine, soda or beer for your guests. Just add a plastic tub to it and you are set.

There is nothing better than pairing a burger on the grill with a potato casserole dish or fresh grilled vegetables. Use our Wicker Casserole Basket to serve any of your warm sides. Hold and display silverware in this handy Wicker Utensil Caddy.

I always love serving bread in wicker baskets so try putting hamburger or hot dog buns in these Round Wicker Serving Baskets and dress up your table.

Carol’s fresh summer salad recipe:

Here is Carol’s delicious summer salad recipe. It’s easy to prepare, and guests love it!

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