Best Baskets for Laundry Room Organization

Is “laundry” a cringe-worthy word for you? You’re not alone. Laundry is definitely one of the least favorite chores. But since the average American family does 8-10 loads per week, we figure that it’s best to embrace laundry since it’s one of those mandatory things that we have to do. However, with beautiful wicker baskets to help make your laundry room more organized and pleasant, we think you may start to embrace the wash, dry, fold routine, too. Here are our top picks to keep your laundry room a clutter-free happy place.

Clothing Organization

Clothes have a tendency to pile up and create chaotic clutter if they’re left untended to for too long (we know from experience!). But with a few large baskets or hampers, you’ll instantly have a stylish space to store dirty threads.

Oval Wicker Laundry Basket: Big and roomy to fit plenty of clothes, this classic oval basket is a catch-all that features sturdy handles for carrying ease. It comes in a convenient size so it fits in most locations around your house, and it’s a great choice for carrying clean clothes to the closet. Available in two different colors, this versatile basket will look great wherever it sits. Bonus: it comes with a removable liner to protect clothes from snags.

Kubu Wicker French Laundry Basket: A recent review of this item says it all: “My new laundry basket is classy, functional, sturdy and pretty!” Indeed, this hand-woven basket blends beauty and functionality into a perfect mix for keeping clothes neat and organized. Sturdy side handles ensure ease of carrying, while its availability in two colors makes for a stylish and versatile home accent. The tapered shape also allows for multiple to be nested together.

3-Compartment Wicker Laundry Hamper: One of the simplest ways to keep clothes organized is to sort them by color as you shed them. This three-compartment hamper makes it easy and convenient to do so. This lidded hamper features furniture-quality poles and a wooden bottom to ensure it can withstand bulky piles of clothes (a full load of laundry up to 1.66 cubic feet can fit in each compartment!).

Round Wicker Laundry Hamper: An elegant lidded hamper that looks like those seen at the spa, this hamper will work perfectly in a modern home. Available in two different sizes, this is an ideal basket for bedding and bath (although, it would work great for clothes, too!). The lid offers a leather handle for ease of removal, and it’s fitted with a liner for easy cleaning.

Laundry Accessory Organization

Now that you’ve found some great options for all the clothes and towels that go in and out of your laundry room, it’s time to move on to the smaller items: detergent, stain remover, dryer sheets — you know, all the products you swear by that keep your textiles looking great. Storing them in one spot in a beautiful wicker basket is a great way to keep everything neatly organized. Try these:

Deep Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket: Designed to fit anywhere you need a little organization (on shelves, under tables, etc.), this versatile basket comes in an array of sizes that can accommodate both a big bulky bottle of laundry detergent or a small stain removal gel pen alike. The handles are perfect for quick and easy movement, and there are optional fabric liners to protect the basket from any accidental leaks.

Long Low Wicker Basket: A no-frills, classic open basket, this gem will keep all of your laundry accessories tucked and tidy. Available in multiple sizes, you’ll love the convenience of the big open design to quickly grab and store what you need.

You’re on your way to a beautifully organized laundry room! Want to learn more home organization hacks? Check out this blog on Konmari Basket Organization.

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