Best Baskets for Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is a place in our homes that should be infused with love, a space where we prepare nourishment to fuel our busy lives and enjoy conversations with our loved ones. One of the best ways to maximize joy in the kitchen is to invest time in organizing your cabinets and pantry. After all, prepping meals and cleaning up is stressful enough — disorganization only adds to the chaos and chips away at efficiency. Luckily, organizing your kitchen is easier than ever with a little bit of help from beautiful, functional wicker baskets. Here are our top picks for the kitchen:

Wicker Kitchen Cabinet Basket: Our go-to solutions for under-cabinet storage, these are extra deep baskets that are extremely versatile! Featuring pole framing and cut-in handles, the wicker kitchen cabinet basket is very sturdy, perfect for heavier objects like pot lids and small appliances. Available in three sizes, the small versions of these baskets would also work great on the countertop whereas the larger sizes could also double as perfect pantry storage.

Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket: Looking for a gorgeous basket that can double as an organizer or a serving solution? This basket is the answer. It’s sleek, slim design makes it great for setting up a coffee bar, stowing small boxes that you need quick access to, or storing your herb garden. This basket is available in three sizes for multi-functionality.

Low Square Wicker Storage Basket: Perfect for dish towels, dishwasher pods, sponges, and even small foodstuffs in the pantry, this low square wicker shelf basket looks great anywhere in your kitchen. Some of our customers prefer to use it as a fruit basket, thanks to its beautiful, simple design and functionality.

Covered Wicker Storage Basket: Practical, sturdy, and simple to use, this basket is an excellent choice for packing away dishes under cabinets or storing disposables in your pantry. Available in two sizes, these baskets can also easily be stacked, adding to their versatility and functionality.

Kubu Square Tote Basket: Picnic, anyone? You’re guaranteed to get “ooh’s” and “aah’s” on an outing with this gorgeous basket. The functional design coupled with its elegant charm makes this wicker basket ideal for toting fresh produce from the market. When it’s not market season, this basket doubles as a decorative storage solution. 

Casserole Basket: Although this basket is more for serving than for organizing, we can’t resist sharing this fabulous basket with you. Simply remove your casserole dish from the oven and place it in one of our casserole baskets, and you’re all set. The sturdy handles make for easy carrying, and it’s coated in clear lacquer so it can easily be rinsed clean after use. Featured in Entertaining with Beth, the casserole basket is definitely a crowd favorite. See more in our blog about spring entertaining. 

Did you see what you’re looking for to keep your kitchen organized and filled with love? If not, check out our full selection of curated baskets for the kitchen here!

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