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Find us in the Entertaining with Beth Subscription Box!

December 06, 2017 1 Comment

We all have our favorite blogs and Instagrammers that we consistently follow.

So Carol and I were very excited and honored when Beth Le Manach, the creator of one of my favorites - “Entertaining With Beth” - reached out to see if The Basket Lady wanted to be part of her December Subscription Box. Beth, who has been cooking and entertaining for over 20-years, chose to feature The Basket Lady this December. If you have not heard of this site or subscription service, please take a second to check it out. Her social media handles are all linked below. I know you will become a fan just as we did!

One of our customer favorites, the Wicker Casserole Basket, will be part of Beth’s December gift box, along with her fantastic Gingerbread French Toast recipe, which is the perfect breakfast idea when entertaining holiday guests. Although Beth’s December Subscription Box has been sold out for months, we still have plenty of Wicker Casserole Baskets in stock, but they are selling fast. You can purchase your very own casserole basket here or give one as a gift to someone else!

 Happy Holidays!

See Beth's video featuring our casserole basket!

Or Find Beth Online at: Entertaining with Beth




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January 17, 2018

I used my basket as part of my charcuterie board display! I placed a linen napkin on top of it and displayed different crackers, breads, and bread sticks on it. It was lovely!

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