Create a Functional Holiday Planning Station

If your life is anything like mine, the month of December is like a never ending to-do list.

Creating a Holiday Planning Station in your home is a great way to keep the little things you need throughout the month right at your fingertips. It doesn’t require much space, just a few organizational items and a little thinking ahead.

First, create a quick list of the items you might need to have easy access to throughout the season:

  • Stamps, stickers, and writing utensils for holiday cards
  • A stash of thank you cards and envelopes that you can regularly pop in the mail before you get too far behind
  • Tape, ribbon, bows, tissue paper, bags, gift tags, and scissors for ongoing gift-wrapping
  • Matches or lighters for festive candles around the home, or to light the fireplace
  • Several pre-prepped hostess gifts that you can grab as you walk out the door. Check out this past blog post for gift ideas! 

Next, purchase a few organizational items to hold these materials and place them in the corner of your home like an office, the mudroom, a small kitchen, or a cabinet area. We suggest the Large Wicker Organizer Basket and the Wicker Divided Organization Basket for function and design.

The holidays can get hectic, but with these wicker organizational baskets and our tips, you'll have a place to easily access the things you need. In addition, these wicker baskets are a beautiful addition to your living space. Interested in organizing the other areas of your home? We offer a wide range of wicker baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for all of your organizational needs. Shop now!

Tell us how you make your holidays stress-free by commenting below!

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