How to host or attend a “Display Baby Shower” 

May 08, 2018

I have attended a few baby showers lately so Carol and I thought we should write this month’s blog on how to attend or host the perfect Display Baby Shower. The Basket Lady is a very eco-conscious brand and company, and we love the idea of cutting down on wasted wrapping paper and ribbon. Thanks also to all of the baby shower inspiration boards on websites like Pinterest, some new moms do not want guests to bring gifts wrapped in paper. We love this trend!

Having gifts unwrapped and on display throughout the house also gives guests the opportunity to move about the party rather than being seated throughout the gift opening. The guest of honor can admire unwrapped gifts, take pictures with gifts and givers, and give individual thanks.

Here are a few tips on how to attend or host the perfect Display Baby Shower.

No surprise, boho-themed baby showers are still trending, but I’m not complaining! Tassled textures, floral patterns, wicker and vintage reproductions can make any display table look great. Use our Lift-off Lid Baskets to display throw pillows, baby toys and books. 

Every new family needs to build a library of classic children's books. Turn these Deep Wicker Paper Baskets on their sides and place classic books in them for your display table. Ask each guest to bring their favorite book and drop it into these Narrow Wicker Magazine Baskets for further décor pieces.

Instead of throwing the mom-to-be another full shower for baby number two or three, consider a “sprinkle” with a smaller group, shorter registry and you guessed it, unwrapped gifts. Ask guests to bring small, unwrapped items that the mom-to-be will need such as diapers, wipes, diaper cream, shampoo, swaddle blankets and display the items in these Pole Handle Storage Baskets on the gift table.


      Start with selecting items off the baby registry that follow a theme and then pair it with a basket that will work together with the items. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

      Fill a Wicker Laundry Baskets with a baby tub, wash cloths, bath towel, baby blankets and bedding.

      Our Wicker Storage Trunks are great baskets for gifting stuffed animals, baby toys and larger, bulky items like Boppies.

      An ideal changing station will have everything you need including baby wipes, diaper cream, lotion, burp cloths, and, of course, diapers. These Pole Handle Wicker Baskets are ideal for storage all that and more, while also keeping the area neat and tidy.

      Have you hosted or attended a display shower recently? I’d love to hear about your experiences. To shop some of these ideas above, click here.




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