Make These 9 Beautiful Baskets to Spice Up Your Fall Decor

With all the exciting autumn changes happening outdoors, it’s easy to feel "in the mood" for changing up your home decor. But what if you have limited time to add that perfect seasonal touch? Not to fear. Start with a basic basket, and you can create almost any fall decor or centerpiece you want. Fill them with simple, easy-to-obtain materials (many of which you may already have on hand), and you’ll elevate your simple basket into a gorgeous fall decoration.

1. ‪Fill them with gourd‬s

It’s the classic item that says "Fall" from fifty feet away. Gourds are plentiful, easily obtained at your local grocery store, and available in a variety of colors and sizes. Fill a Long Low Wicker Storage Basket with larger varieties (such as pumpkins) to adorn your hearth or entryway. Or, pile the pint-sized mini versions into a Fancy Wicker Napkin basket to brighten up your autumn table.

2. Arrange an assortment of throw pillows and blankets‬

You might be surprised how beautiful some bright, well-chosen contrasting pillows and cozy blankets look when they’re artfully arranged and draped over a basket. (Try our Jumbo Wicker Storage Basket or Lift-off Lid Wicker Storage Basket.) Set your creation on the living room hearth or near the couch in the TV room for an added pop of soft colors. Bonus: when you’re ready to curl up on a cold night, your decorative elements do double duty.

3. Add glass jars with candles

Sometimes just a simple juxtaposition of natural materials (rattan) and manmade ones (glass) can have a really beautiful effect. Try taking our Wicker Serving Tray and arranging an assortment of mismatched glass jars on top, with candles of varying widths and heights in each. Sprinkle some dry flowers, faux leaves or other texture between the jars, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful table centerpiece.

4. Fill them with dried flora and natural items

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate for the season! Fill our Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket with leaves, twigs, sprays of wheat and cattails for an easy, pretty presentation. If you know how to properly prepare them (for insects and longevity), consider using real materials from your outdoor world. If that feels intimidating, your local craft or home goods store will have lots of silk and dried options that come ready to use.‬

5. Pile textiles & yarns inside

Are you a fan of knitting, or a lover of weaving and fabrics? Consider filling our Wicker Farmers Market Basket or Wicker Pole Handle Storage Basket with an artful, colorful arrangement of woven materials. It could be bright hand-woven balls of yarn in a variety of shimmering colors. Or, perhaps you prefer a pile of quilt squares, rolled-up fat quarters that are stacked end-on-end like a bouquet, or a heap of antique wooden bobbins filled with colorful thread. The sky is the limit. Raid your craft room and see what you come up with!‬

6. Combine seasonal fruits & vegetables

There’s nothing like the bounty of the season to remind us of why we love it. Fruits and vegetables can be real, and renewed regularly into our Low Square Wicker Shelf Basket or Rectangular Low Kubu Wicker Shelf Basket. Or, they can be faux versions purchasable from most home good stores. Select colorful varieties like beets, rutabagas, and carrots, or try an assortment of apples and pears in multiple varieties and hues. You might even try intermixing them with leaves, twigs and nuts.‬

7. Pile in the glass baubles

At stores like West Elm and Pier One Imports, look for glass balls or other rounded blown glass shapes in different sizes, colors and patterns. Focus on fall colors such as golds, burgundies, cinnamons and crimson. Fill our Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket with these balls. Add cloth, raffia, faux moss, or other soft bedding if desired. You might also slip interestingly shaped twigs in between the balls and allow them to spray upward, like a minimalistic flower arrangement.

The Basket Lady Wicker Pole Handle Storage BasketThe Basket Lady Wicker Gathering Basket

8. Stack interesting antique books

Got some beautiful antique books you’ve always wanted to display? Stack them inside our Low Pole Wicker Storage Baskets or a softer, handled basket like our Wicker Gathering Basket. Or, bind smaller stacks with twine or ribbon and tie them up with charms, dried flowers or other small adornments. The trick with this option is to choose volumes with interesting colors, textures, frayed edges or embossing that deliver an interesting look.

9. Mums

For the perfect splash of color, fill our Round Wicker Storage Basket with a bunch of seasonal mums Keep them in their original plastic pot for ease of care. Simply slide a plastic liner inside the basket to protect it from water damage before inserting the pot. Later in the year, once the holidays arrive, swap out the mums for a beautiful holiday poinsettia.‬



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