Our Favorite Baskets for Toy Storage

We all know it's inevitable. With the joys of little ones come the challenges of toys, toys, and more toys. You may be looking for decorative ways to store those excess toys. Or perhaps you're desperately seeking a solution to avoid stepping on yet another Lego with your bare feet. Don't worry...we have an incredible selection of storage baskets and trunks that are perfect for you and your home.

Storage Trunks with Appeal

Here at The Basket Lady, we believe in offering you stylish, functional ways to stay organized. We know how quickly toys can take over every inch of your house. With a few tips and our favorite Wicker Storage Trunk Collections for toys,  we'll have you clutter-free in no time.

A Trunk for Endless Toys

Our Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunk offers all the space you could possibly need for those large toys, piles of stuffed animals, or board games that just don't seem to stay in the closet. With a large and extra-large option, you'll love all the storage space it provides. The Kubu Storage Trunk makes a beautiful addition to any child’s bedroom, playroom, or area in the home in need of hidden toy storage.

Storage Trunks for Smaller Spaces

If you're organizing a smaller space or figured out the secret to limiting the toys in your home and only need a small trunk, consider our Lift-off Lid Wicker Storage Trunk. This trunk makes the perfect decorative piece for any area while still storing away plenty of smaller toys you'd like to keep out of sight. It's also a convenient size for your little ones to be able to dig around, find what they need, and easily clean up again when they're done.

Hidden Treasure Options

Our Underbed Wicker Storage Baskets offer a fantastic way to create more toy storage while remaining easily accessible for your little ones. Even as they get older, these storage baskets provide a convenient way for them to store their favorite toys, books, and video games. We've reinforced the bottoms of these functional storage baskets and designed several color and size options to choose from.

Portable and Practical Toy Baskets

If portable is what you're looking for, you're going to love our collection of Pole Handle Wicker Storage Baskets. These easy to carry storage baskets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and we even offer decorative fabric lining. We love pole storage baskets because they allow your children the flexibility of taking toys to different areas of the house while reminding them to tidy up and return the basket to its spot when they're done! You can even tie-on chalkboard tags so they know what goes into each basket.

No matter how many toys you're sharing your home with or how limited you feel on extra space, we have a storage basket or trunk to meet your needs.  We're here to make your life easier with gorgeous and functional basket options to suit any need. Ready to find the perfect toy storage baskets for your home? Let's get started!

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