Spring Cleaning Made Easy with Baskets

It's that time of year again. While some are excited by the thought of spring cleaning, we know others of you have been dreading it. What if we told you we could make it more appealing? What if we could turn your chore into a DIY home makeover of sorts? At The Basket Lady, you'll find a basket for practically every need imaginable. With hundreds of styles in a variety of colors, we'll have you anticipating spring cleaning every year! We're all about beauty, functionality, and practicality.

Our Wicker Baskets

Our unique, handcrafted wicker baskets are made of natural materials, including the highest quality rattan. Rattan is both lightweight and flexible, while being known for its durability. While you may be storing a mountain of items, your basket will be able to withstand the load. We work with our skilled weavers directly, allowing us to offer affordable prices. From storage baskets to laundry baskets, you'll find beautifully designed, well-crafted options to meet all your needs.

Storage in Plain Sight

We could all use a little more space in our lives. Some of us are frantically stuffing the closets and kicking clutter under the bed when guests are expected. Or perhaps you've recently expanded your wardrobe, but the closet space is a bit of an issue. Not to worry. Our wicker baskets offer practical storage solutions while adding beauty to any area.

As a nested set of two, our Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunk offers limitless possibilities. Your spring cleaning (aka home makeover) might include storing winter accessories and sweaters while making room for spring and summer items in your closet. Placing your trunk up against the footboard is a fun way to display its beauty.  Now use your second trunk in the master bath to conceal toiletries, magazines, or towels. Or utilize it in your living room to hold blankets next to your favorite reading chair.

If you have little ones in the home, our selection of easy to carry Pole Handle Wicker Storage Baskets is endless. They'll keep rooms tidy as they tote their basket to different parts of the house, returning the items back to the basket when they're finished. The Low Pole Handle Wicker Storage Baskets make a fabulous decorative addition to the kitchen for use as a drop-off basket for school notes or graded papers and artwork. You may even find yourself enjoying the task of sorting toys, organizing video games, and alphabetizing books in our Underbed Wicker Storage Baskets. Tucked discreetly under the bed, they’re a perfect fit and allow easy access when they need their items.

Are you in need of the perfect multi-purpose organizational basket? Useful in any room, our Large Wicker Organizer Basket is great for your bills, notepads and pens, phone and tablet chargers, and more.

Your spring cleaning doesn’t sound so terrible now, does it? No one ever said storage couldn't be functional and stylish. Ready to get started? Pick out your new baskets now!

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