Our Favorite Large Wicker Baskets

No matter what size your home or office space may be, we could all use a little help when it comes to storage and organization. It’s one of the reasons we love being able to accommodate everyone with our wide variety of wicker basket sizes, styles, and uses. We also understand that not all storage options can — or even should — be hidden away. That’s why our wicker baskets are stylishly functional so that you can hide all your goodies in plain sight. And if you need large baskets around your space, an appealing design certainly comes in handy.

Lovely with a Lid

You won’t be able to help but fall in love with our lidded large basket options. Store your blankets, toys, or office files with ease while the only thing your guests will see is a beautifully hand-woven wicker basket.

Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunks

Our Kubu Trunks come in our elegant Serene Grey and Antique Walnut Brown with decorative brown leather straps. With a removable cotton fabric liner, you’ll be able to store clothing without worry or toss in your books, games, and more. The stunning design makes this the perfect décor piece at the foot of your bed or in your living room.

Lift-Off Lid Wicker Storage Basket

Are you looking for a lidded trunk-style basket built with handles that offer you the ability to carry it? This gorgeous weave covers a sturdy pole framing and extremely durable wooden bottom. You’ll love the convenience of the quick lift-off lid and removable liner. Choose from our Antique Walnut Brown and Toasted Oat options to match your home’s style. We also sell this in our Ombak Weave Lift-off Lid Wicker Storage Basket.

Laundry Baskets for Every Space

When it comes to laundry, we all have different hamper needs. Do you sort by color? What about putting a basket in both your bedroom and the bathroom? That’s why we offer large baskets that can be used no matter how you want to organize your laundry.

Ombak Weave Oval Laundry Basket

One excellent addition to your closet or bathroom is our Batu Grey finished Ombak weave with intricate hand-tied rattan trimming. Complete with a removable liner and conveniently shaped ear handles, carrying this beauty will be a breeze.

3-Compartment Wicker Laundry Hamper

If you have a rather large bathroom, closet, or laundry room, then we have the hamper of your dreams! Our large-gauge rattan hamper offers three individually lined compartments so you can sort before it even hits the washer. Available in three lovely colors, this is a piece that might just make laundry your new favorite chore.

The Multi-Purpose Piece

If it’s versatility you want, our Round Wicker Storage Basket will check every box on your list. They're created to withstand both weight and weather, and its uses are practically unlimited. Store umbrellas, towels, or various office supplies in this handy basket. It’s a must-have for every space! ** We will likely be discontinuing this item.** Perhaps we can feature our Tall Narrow Wicker Tote Basket, which can be used for storage, as a laundry basket when paired with the liner sold separately, and even as storage in the kitchen/pantry for large baking sheets and cutting boards.

We’re here to help make all your storage and organization goals simple and beautiful. No matter what you need to hide away, store, or organize, our enormous collection of artisan-made baskets has you covered. Find out why we're the preferred choice for all wicker baskets today!

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