10 Storage Baskets You Can’t Live Without

Are you in need of a little storage and re-organization? Tired of telling yourself you’ll do something about the clutter tomorrow? You’d be amazed by how much a few of our handmade wicker baskets can change the entire look, feel, and functionality throughout your home or office space. Let’s look at our top ten storage baskets we know you can’t live without.

A Basket for Any Area

We love that you use our array of storage baskets for your yearly spring cleaning projects or various organization projects throughout the year. No matter what you have in mind, our rattan baskets are expertly hand-woven to live up to your expectations.

Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunk

This is one of our favorites, for everyone, every room, and every need.  Handmade in our Antique Walnut Brown finish, this versatile wicker basket is meant to serve all of your storage needs. With three size options to choose from, you’ll be able to store a variety of items including:

  • Umbrellas
  • Firewood
  • Laundry
  • Toys

Let your imagination run wild with possibilities for this versatile five-by-five weave beauty!

Tidying Up the Kitchen

We could all benefit from a little extra help in the kitchen. While it’s usually the most used area in the home, why not start with a few new storage options?

Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket

Whether you have limited space in your pantry or you're just looking to do some reorganizing, our Pole Wicker Baskets are the perfect option. These storage baskets are perfectly crafted in various sizing options in order to fit all your shelving needs. The convenient pole handles make it so easy to slide these beautiful baskets out for quick access and re-filling. From school snacks to fresh veggies, storage options are never-ending in this sturdy collection. Your pantry will be fabulously functional and forever organized.  

Additional features include:

Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket

You’ll love the look of our Long Narrow storage baskets in your pantry. Their design adds a decorative touch while all three sizes make them one of our favorites for stacking and storing canned goods, individually packaged snacks, and more. Have shelves that don’t provide much depth? Not a problem with the Narrow Basket. Add these Antique Walnut Brown wicker baskets to your pantry for a gorgeous yet practical and amazingly versatile option. Grab a few in each size to suit your many storage and display needs.

Low Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket

Let’s not forget about those cluttered kitchen cabinets! If you find yourself misplacing the right lids to your pots and pans, or wishing you had a better system for keeping things tidy under there, look no further. Our low pole handle wicker basket collection was made with your heavy-duty pots and pans in mind. Two handle cut-ins allow you to transport your baskets with ease. The two-by-two rattan weave provides the strength needed to support the weight while adding style to your kitchen.

Additional features include:

  • Extra deep design to suit all your needs
  • Specifically designed to be a perfect fit for your kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Three size options
  • Antique Walnut finish
  • Strengthened with a full-pole frame design

Bedroom Space Answers

Every bedroom has an area or two that could always use a bit us help. We have the sizes and styles you need for hidden storage and storage in plain sight. Take a peek at our selection of  perfectly designed storage baskets for all your bedroom storage needs.

Underbed Wicker Storage Box

Whether you are in need of storing your off-season clothes or running out of closet space, these Antique Walnut Brown wicker baskets are just what you need. With an easy lift-off lid and spacious sizing, you’ll be amazed how much you can fit inside. Slide them discreetly under your bed for out of sight storage or stack them conveniently in your closet. These also make a fantastic toy storage option too. The decorative rattan weaving adds both beauty and strength to your storage basket. Grab several in large and extra-large options and start reorganizing your rooms in style.

Deep Wicker Storage Trunk

Our Deep Wicker Storage Trunks know no boundaries. If you’re in need of storing your larger items or making small spaces more efficient, these are the spacious trunks that were designed to make your life easier. We’ve designed our trunks with wooden frames that can withstand the weight of your items while offering an eye-catching design worthy of display. Our decorative leather handles and strap lock give it an extra stylish appeal. 

Additional features include:

  • Two generous size options, easily nested
  • Antique Walnut Brown, Toasted Oat, and Serene Grey colors available
  • Sturdy brass hinges
  • Fabric lining that may be easily removed

Office Space

Is your home office in need of a little revamping?  We have a wide variety of storage baskets that help spruce up this area while helping you stay organized.   

Large Wicker Organizer Basket

We’ve created a stunning wicker basket designed to remove your desktop clutter. With four handy sections, you’ll be able to organize items including mail, loose offices items, and device charges with ease. You may fall in love with it’s versatile uses and grab a few for your kitchen and hallway needs too.  

Narrow Wicker Magazine Basket

Built to take on the weight of your favorite magazine collection, our Magazine Basket provides the perfect way to keep them tidy and out of sight. The narrow design helps you organize while utilizing little space. Our sturdy pole handles make carrying a breeze.  Looking for a new way to store file folders or loose papers? These wicker baskets provide an amazing alternative to taking up extra desk drawer space. 

Bathroom Goals

From necessities to little trinkets, keep your bathroom free from clutter and chaos can be a chore. Take a look at a few of our helpful decorative bathroom storage baskets.

Lidded Wicker Box

No matter what size your bathroom is, I bet you can always use a little extra storage space. Our Lidded Wicker Boxes offer an attractive hand-woven design you’ll love having on display. Designed with maximizing your bathroom space in mind, you’ll be able to store your extra tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls in style. This slender wicker basket takes up little space while allowing you to store the items you want out of sight. Hide away your toiletries, extra wash cloths, or hair accessories without sacrificing your décor.

Petit Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket

Worried about the limited cabinet space in your bathroom? Keep all your bathroom items neatly stored in our Petit Pole Handle Wicker Storage Baskets. Available in Antique Walnut Brown, use one to store your hair care needs while another keeps all your cosmetics in this adorable portable basket. Whether kept out of sight or left on the counter on display, this petit wicker basket will add stylish functionality to your bathroom. 

Re-organizing your space doesn’t have to be the chore that everyone makes it out to be. Have fun with it and add a little flare to each area. Now that we have shared our favorite wicker baskets and storage ideas, pick a room and let’s get started!  We’ve made it easy to find your perfect storage basket options by browsing by room or by storage need.  Head over and find your ideal baskets now!

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