Ring in Spring With this Easy-to-Follow Checklist

My mom, Carol and I agree that there’s no better way to welcome spring than with a fresh, clean and organized home! And whether you look forward to spring cleaning, or find it a bit overwhelming, you’ll want to use our Spring Cleaning Checklist to make it a breeze.

Our 31-day checklist even gives you a few days off! You can use those days to plan your garden, shop for new spring decor, or lunch al fresco with a friend.

Our calendar suggests you use one day to make your pantry a priority. Imagine how a Tapered-front Wicker Pantry Basket, or several, will ensure your pantry and kitchen counter stays organized all year.

We also share a few of our spring storage solutions along the way. Baskets can give you an easy and elegant way to help you keep things in order in your home.

One idea is to sort and store away hats, gloves, mittens, scarves and boots in a basket for easy retrieval next winter. Use our Wicker Shoe Tray with Metal Liner to store winter boots out of the way, or to keep your rain boots within easy reach. Another suggests that, after you clean under your bed, you store out-of-season items there in our beautiful Underbed Wicker Storage Box.

Carol and I also offer ideas to keep your office and bathrooms clean and organized. Our Deep Wicker Paper Basket is a great way to store office paper work. And we recommend our Wicker Toilet Tank Basket as the ultimate in functional design. While just the right size for over-the-toilet storage, it will work well for supplies in your office, too.

Adding a few beautiful, durable and functional storage baskets while spring cleaning will help keep your home clean and organized throughout the year. Our Deep Wicker Storage Trunk is perfect for larger items such as blankets or heated mattress pads. We recommend our Covered Wicker Storage Basket for seasonal items you want to pack away until fall or winter. This stackable basket features a hinged lid and is available in two sizes and two colors.

By following our easy-to-use spring cleaning checklist, you'll be able to celebrate spring with a clean and organized home.


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