How to Love Your Mudroom: Before and After

No matter the season, keeping your mudroom in order can be a daunting task. It’s the room where family members come and go (in a hurry, nonetheless) every single day. As you can see in this mudroom “before” photo, coats, shoes, bags, sports equipment and more are all over the place. Look familiar? 

Use this step-by-step “how-to” guide to makeover your mudroom so it is a welcoming and pleasant entry to your home once again.  

Take note of your family’s everyday activities and personalize the space specifically for the way you live. For example, if your son plays baseball, designate one hook in his mudroom locker for his backpack and baseball bag. That way, when he comes home from school, he can simply swap his backpack for his baseball bag. Once you have thought through your family’s routine, you can create a functional and organized space.

Baskets are a great solution for storing accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, flip flops, extra socks, hair ties/bows or small sports equipment. Designate a set of baskets for each family member and place them on mudroom locker shelves. The baskets featured in this mudroom “after” photo are the Deep Wicker Paper Basket and the Deep Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket, both of which can be customized with labeling tags for family member names, or what should go in each one.

Depending on the season, shoes and boots track in dirt, mud and snow and wet umbrellas create moisture problems for your mudroom floors. Place these near the door of your mudroom or under mudroom lockers. This Wicker Umbrella Stand can be put right near your door to keep moisture contained and your entryway clean and safe. 

Always losing your car keys? Does your son/daughter constantly run out of the house without his/her homework? Does your spouse walk in the door and toss mail everywhere? Create a system for these pesky situations that happen over and over again. These Large Wicker Basket Organizers can store often forgotten items like car keys, pens, cell phones and more.  This Wicker Magazine Basket can hold mail or file folders of homework that needs to get done, or that need to go into backpacks in the morning. Also try adding a recycling or waste basket in your mudroom like this Wicker Divided Recycling Basket so you can get rid of the junk mail before it comes too far into the house.

Once you have the proper accessories and a solid organization method, you and your family will love that all of their belongings have a place and are easily accessible. For storage solutions to help you love your mudroom again, shop The Basket Lady.


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