Storage Baskets for Beautifully Organized Shelves

If you’re looking to add a bit of organization to your home, we have the solution to help you get started. Think of all the areas in your home that could benefit from shelving storage baskets. From your closets to the pantry, our beautifully hand-woven storage baskets come in shapes and sizes that will fit perfectly in all your shelved spaces.

Ombak Weave Storage Collection

Our gorgeous Ombak Collection brings beauty and functionality to any area. As with all of our baskets, you can expect each Ombak to be handcrafted from natural rattan. These beauties are amazingly durable, so don't be afraid to load them up. Our artisans carefully hand-dye each basket; making each unique with slight variations in color. With the rattan’s natural undertones finished in our Batu Grey wash, you’ll love this collection of shelving storage baskets. Use them in exposed areas for added eye candy or hidden away as closet storage baskets. Choose from a variety of options, including:

Ombak Weave Perfect Storage Basket

Available in two convenient sizes, the Ombak Weave Perfect Storage Basket offers just enough depth to store or display hand towels in your bathroom and linen closets or office items on your bookshelf. The four cut-in handles make it easy to arrange, pull out, and carry. Designed with your various needs in mind, both sizes offer versatility as shelving storage baskets throughout any room.

Are you thinking of displaying them in open cabinetry? Pair your shelving storage baskets with our fold-over fabric basket liner. The liner’s neutral color and matching cut-in handles add to the appeal.  

Ombak Weave Tall Narrow Storage Basket

Our Ombak Weave Tall Narrow Storage Basket was designed with console shelving needs in mind. We know not all shelves are created equally, so if your shelving storage basket needs require a narrow option, this is the Ombak piece for you. The intricate weave of the Ombak Collection brings elegance to your storage needs. With an eleven-inch height, you’re sure to store plenty, whether you’d like it partially concealed or not. Two cut-in handles, located on the longer sides, make it convenient for easy maneuvering.  

Ombak Weave Long Narrow Basket

While our Tall Narrow Basket offers 17.5” in length, our Ombak Weave Long Narrow Baskets offer a small and large option; providing up to 22” in length for your various needs. With two cut-in handles for easy pull-out or carrying access, this slender basket fits in perfectly on those narrow shelves under 10”.

We love using them vertically as shelving storage baskets and closet storage baskets as well! Slide them into tight spaces, so no shelving space is ever wasted. You can even line your pantry shelves with them for easy snack access. You’ll love the clean, uniform look once your pantry is whipped into shape. There’s no limit to how or where you can use them.

Ombak Weave Low Storage Basket

One of our favorite closet storage basket options is our Ombak Weave Low Storage Basket. With cut-in handles on all four sides, you’ll be able to situate your baskets according to your available shelf space and access your baskets easily. These lovely closet storage baskets have many additional features you’ll love, including:

  • Spacious rectangular shape and low profile for shallow spaces
  • Two sizes to fit all your shelving storage basket needs:
    • Medium basket dimensions: 19.5” L x 13” W x 6” H
    • Large basket dimensions: 22” L x 15” W x 6.5” H
  • Cotton-blend basket liners with:
    • Fold-over design with four cut-ins to match basket handles
    • Elastic rim to ensure the liner is held in place
    • Neutral color to blend with any décor
    • Easy to clean

These perfectly sized baskets work well as closet storage baskets for various items like your scarves, camis, and off-season clothing pieces. They also make fantastic shelving storage baskets for your:

  • Pantry shelves
  • Deep bookshelves
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Linen closets

Pole Handled Wicker Collection

Another decorative line that will have your closets and shelves tidy in no time is our Pole Handled Wicker Storage Collection. The expertly woven rattan is hand-dyed in our Antique Walnut Brown finish, with a handful of options offered in our Toasted Oat finish as well. Each basket is designed for durability; offering eye-catching yet sturdy pole handles.

Pole Handled Wicker Storage Basket

One of our first and most loved shelving storage baskets is our Pole Handled Wicker Storage Basket. With four sizes and two shades available, the storage and decorating ideas are endless. Our smallest basket is just the right size to store those DVD’s you have scattered around the living room. Sized to tuck away in a cabinet or bookshelf, you’ll love the versatility of its perfectly petite size. You’re sure to find the large basket suitable for storing file folders for your office shelving and cabinet spaces. From pantry must-have to closet storage basket, we have a size for your every shelving storage need.

Tall Narrow Wicker Storage Basket

We know you’re about to fall in love with our Tall Narrow Wicker Storage Baskets. A decorating favorite, this style is slender enough to fit in shallow shelving, under console tables, and more. What makes this style so lovable? The pole handles are featured along the length of the basket; front and back, so it can be on full display. While the two sizes are great for many storage needs, we bet you won’t want to hide these away on an out of sight shelf.

Deep Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket

Need a bit more depth but love the Pole Handle Collection? The Deep Pole Handle Storage Baskets are perfect for you with four fabulous sizes to choose from. Organize your towels, blankets, or children’s books in style. These easy to carry baskets will liven up any shelving space in your home. Pair them with a form-fitted fabric liner for extra protection and décor.

From small spaces to clutter-free zones, we have the basket selection you need to help get your life beautifully organized. Ready to declutter your home and start fresh? Find your perfect shelving storage baskets now!

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