Our Favorite Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

The Basket Lady LOVES an assemblage of related little treasures that, when combined, aren’t only a present – they’re an experience! Creating your own gift baskets this holiday season? First things first: A multi-functional wicker basket makes a classic, yet contemporary container that the recipient will want to keep long after it’s empty. Choose a style that complements the gift, and a size that accommodates all of the fillers.

For example, you could add café au lait mix, butter croissants, an Eiffel Tower figurine, rose- scented sachets, and a box of macaroons to our Wicker Serving Bowl for an instant passport to Paris that doubles as a dinner table breadbasket! For more gifting inspiration, see our Top 8 gift basket ideas below:

1) The Snacks and Suds Basket
Who Gets It: Your Dad
What’s Inside: We used our durable Wicker Gathering Basket to hold bottles of beer, a bottle opener, some beef jerky and a tub of popcorn – it’s the perfect accompaniment to game day.
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Remote Caddy or Coffee Table Catchall

2) Home Sweet Home Basket
Who Gets It: New Homebuyers or Your Grandma
What’s Inside: Our sturdy Wicker Pole Handle Storage Basket is deep enough to hold almost anything for the home. Ours has throw pillows, some candles and a couple of photo frames.
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Magazine holder or Under-the- Sink Toiletry Corral

3) Chocolate Lover’s Basket
Who Gets It: Your Friend with A Sweet Tooth
What’s Inside: Gather chocolate in all its forms -- bars, truffles, melt-a- ways, fudge and bark – inside a wonderful Wicker Serving Basket!
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Fruit Bowl or Bread Basket

4) Coffee Bar Basket
Who Gets It: The Perky Co-Worker
What’s Inside: The Covered Wicker Storage Basket handsomely displays bags of coffee, a few pretty mugs, boxes of tea and drink mix-ins (cocoa powder and cinnamon).
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Closet Storage (An assortment of scarves or clutches fit just right!)


5) Tee Time Basket
Who Gets It: The Club Champ
What’s Inside: Pack a Rectangular Wicker Storage Basket with golfing essentials, as well as new duds direct from the PGA tour – which look great on AND off the course!
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Office Organizer

6) Culinary Experience Basket
Who Gets It: The Master Chef
What’s Inside: Good olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kitchen utensils, condiments and a beautiful serving tray are right at home inside our Utensil Caddy.
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Buffet Table Organizer

7) Wine & Cheese Basket
Who Gets It: The Life of the Party
What’s Inside: To our durable Wicker Serving Tray, we added a bottle of red, a bottle of white, wine glasses, bottle openers, cheese knives and wooden cutting board.
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Serving Tray

8) Team Pride Basket
Who Gets It: The Superfan
What’s Inside: Our Tall Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket is always a winner, but even more so when combined with your favorite team’s caps, t-shirts, mascots and pennant flags.
How to Use the Basket After the Goodies Are Gone: Coat closet organization

Ready to tackle the rest of your Christmas list? Hurry -- December 15th is the last day to order if you want guaranteed Christmas delivery! Also don’t forget to tell us about the gift baskets you create in the comments below.

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    The holiday season is just around the corner, so I’m thinking of giving holiday gift baskets to my friends to keep it classic. I like your idea of a gourmet wicker basket which has a bottle of red and white wine. I think I’ll add some matching aged cheese in it to make it even more special and holiday-ish. Thanks! https://pinkivori.com

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