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Get Organized NOW with These Instagram Inspirations!

With the busy holiday season behind us, it is time to look ahead to 2017. If you are anything like me, I like to get organized in January! I often hear from The Basket Lady customers who tell me time and time again that the pantry, laundry room, mudroom and bedrooms are the main areas of a home that cause them major “mess stress.” It can be so hard to keep these rooms organized, but it’s not impossible!

Wicker storage baskets are the perfect solutions because they are both beautiful and functional and are usually a welcome twist to conventional plastic containers and storage bins. I turned to Instagram to see how others have used baskets to organize their spaces.

Here are some of my favorites with suggestions on how you can shop the look for your own home!


I love this pantry organization by @Melissasabra. You can easily use shelf storage baskets regardless of the size of your pantry since they come in all different shapes or sizes. For added organization, abel tags can also be purchased separately at craft retailers like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (we got our mini chalkboards at Michael’s). These simple yet effective solutions ensure your pantry stays tidy and easily accessible. 


Mudrooms can become swiftly descend into chaos, but open storage baskets are perfect for mudrooms because they make hats, mittens, gloves, boots, and totes easily accessible, yet out of sight. I love the clean, organized look of this mudroom by @KateMarkerInteriors.


Laundry rooms frequently accumulate miscellaneous items with nowhere else to go! Wicker baskets can help store all the random items that end up in this room; mismatched socks, stain removers, batteries, flashlights, and candles. These wicker laundry baskets can help you separate clean and dirty laundry, and then transfer clean folded clothes to family members' rooms. I love how @The_Real_Houses_of_IG has used baskets in this laundry room, creating both functionality and style.


Closet space in bedrooms can reach maximum capacity very quickly. That’s why I love wicker baskets with lids to hold extra blankets and pillows, items that typically take up a lot of closet space. Plus, these wicker trunk baskets add a special design flair to any room. I like how @Myneutralnest is using her trunk.

Not sure which wicker basket to use for your space? We’re always here to help you select the perfect size for your project. Feeling like you can do it yourself. Shop now by using our easy and handy Search By Size tool to find the basket for your space.




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