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Fabric Liner for Lift-off Lid Wicker Storage Basket

SKU: 009348.1.BR

  • Fabric basket liners for wicker baskets can be hard to come by. Fortunately, we’ve already planned ahead with these elegant, sturdy fabric laundry basket liners designed to fit our lift-off storage baskets. Fabric basket liners for both size baskets are available. These are replacement fabric liners for our Lift-Off Lid Wicker Storage Basket.

    • Available in two sizes
    • Brown and Natural colors
  • L see basket page for details
    M see basket page for details

    • Fabric basket liner handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia
    • Cold wash and line dry recommended

Price: $ 13.99

A basket liner for every need

In two versatile colors, these replacement wicker storage basket liners ensure you get years of life from your wicker storage basket. Keep a few in your linen closet, and don’t forget to tuck a replacement liner in when you give the storage basket as a gift.