JT Roth Construction

JT Roth Construction

Making a House a Home

 Nothing can make a house a home quite like a beautiful basket placed in just the right spot. At least, that's what JT Roth Constructions believes. As a family home builder serving the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years, the company prides itself on designing single family homes down to the final detail. And that includes the baskets.

"They are perfect for storing towels, or toiletries,or anything bathroom-related really." - Kenzie Roth

"We started placing baskets in our new builds last year," says Kenzie Roth, a marketing specialist and member of the second generation to join the family business. "We have been building new homes with vanity furniture pieces in the master and powder baths, and there's a cubby in each piece." Roth and his team thought that space looked perfect to tuck a bit of added value: high-quality basket storage.

But why make the homeowners search for those baskets themselves, when the JT Roth Construction team could add that little extra detail?

But finding the perfect baskets to complement the vanity space proved a bit more challenging that Roth anticipated. "I did some online research," he explains," "but the baskets I found that had the right look and sizing were made of cheap polyurethane plastic." He knew this aesthetic would never match the level of craft owners in the Portland area have come to expect from the JT Roth brand

Luckily, in the middle of his search, Roth found The Basket Lady's website. And specifically,he found the Basic Wicker Storage Basket and the Wicker Underbed Storage Basket, both in Antique Walnut. "They are perfect for storing towels, or toiletries, or anything bathroom-related really," he enthuses. Plus, the color and style are timeless enough to match the individual homeowner's taste in home decor.

After finding The Basket Lady online, Roth signed up for the monthly newsletter and received a coupon for a percentage off his purchase. This prompted him to complete his first trial basket purchase. When baskets arrived, he was so pleased with there look and craftsmanship that he posted an Instagram photo and tagged The Basket Lady.

Basket Lady COO Kelli Katch reached out to Roth to thank him for the social share. From this simple connection, a partnership was born. Katch and her mother Carol Littman know exactly what it's like to be a family-run business: something they and the JT Roth team share in common

Roth and his team have ordered more than thirty baskets for homes and plan on ordering many more.

The sturdy handles, subtle touches and unique sizing of the Basic Wicker Storage Basket and the Wicker Underbed Storage Basket in particular make The Basket Lady’s products ideal complements for pieces of furniture. But the JT Roth team weren’t the only ones to get excited.

But the JT Roth team weren't the only ones to get excited.

Since the baskets made their debut in Roth vanities, numerous homeowners have commented on what an amazing touch the baskets deliver to the space. "We give buyers a more custom home, rather than your cookie cutter type home." Roth says. And why would a custom home ever have a cookie cutter bathroom storage?

Roth and his team have taken note of the enthusiasm for this new aesthetic touch. More than thirty baskets later, they continue to purchase from The Basket Lady for each vanity furniture piece in brand new Roth homes. Each home's basket needs are different. Some need just one basket in one bathroom; others need two or three

But no matter how many baskets each home needs, one thing remains the same; quality, beauty and design aesthetic come first.

"I tell buyers. It's your home purchase. One you're going to make only a few times in your life." Roth says. "We're committed to making that experience amazing - all the way down to the baskets."

JT Roth Construction is an award winning, top-rated custom new home builder in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about JT Roth Construction at http://www.jtrothinc.com/.

"We give buyers a more custom home rather than your cookie cutter type home. And why would a custom home ever have a cookie cutter bathroom storage?"


The Basket Lady is the world's premier supplier of high-quality rattan and wicker baskets at near-wholesale prices. Contact us toll-free at 888-742-4172 or view our entire collection at BasketLady.com. Send us an email or visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.