Fall Trend Alert!

Tired of the same old? Us too. Luckily, this Fall is all about bending the rules and creating a look that is uniquely you. Put your own spin on these trends for a home that’s anything but basic.  


Mix and Match

Take one part mix, one part match, blend until Pinterest-worthy. Seriously, this is one of the hottest trends in home design this season.  Fabrics, colors, textures, and styles all work together to give you that perfectly mismatched, eclectic look. The key is to unify the room with single color family and/or single accent color. Putting busy patterns with clean, simple ones helps balance the room. Keeping those things in mind, there really are no other rules. Take all that freedom and show off your individuality.



 Vibrant Accents

We’re loving this trend with fresh (or faux!) flowers or fruit. It’s so simple to add to any room, not to mention how great your home will smell if you opt for fresh. Swap them out for different hues whenever you feel like it and this accent will never get old.

Basket Lady basket pictured: http://bit.ly/1R38nEl


 Basket Weaves

Basket weaves are everywhere, from tables to wall accents to actual baskets.  Outdoors or indoors, this trend can be incorporated anywhere, anytime. Try small baskets on built-in shelves, a wicker framed mirror, larger baskets for throw pillows, or a trunk style basket as an ottoman. Trunk bonus-- store your coziest cold weather throws inside.

Basket Lady baskets pictured:  http://bit.ly/1KBRk6G

So get up and start decorating!  www.basketlady.com has everything you need to spice up your home this fall.

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  • Paula Hare

    love mix and match!

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