Texture Tips You Need To Know

When moving into a new home, all the empty space can seem overwhelming. A house doesn’t become a home until you add your own touches and the space reflects your personality. Decorating can be a fun, exciting opportunity to express yourself. Incorporating a variety of textures transforms a room from sterile and hard to cozy, livable, and ultimately, put together. Here are some tips for adding texture to a room. 


Transform any room with great lighting. The type of lighting you add to a room is a key factor in determining the room's ambiance. Lamps can be placed near items that you wish to showcase or in areas of the room that you want to be the main focus. Think about the purpose of the room that you are decorating. Will it be a quiet place for you to read? Try creating a cozy nook in the corner of your den with a bright lamp that will light up the space. If you are planning on entertaining, shine the spotlight on a bar area, or let a beautiful light fixture illuminate your dining room table. Consider natural light as well. If you anticipate using the room a lot during the day, opt for curtains that will allow the light to shine through or look gorgeous pulled back.


Pasting the walls of a room entirely in wallpaper can quickly outdate a space, and the pattern can distract from the other textures throughout the room. Instead, try covering a single wall with a pattern. Let the accent wall serve as a backdrop for a sofa or dining room table.

Picture Frames and Mirrors

Make your wall space more three-dimensional with mirrors or picture frames. Use this as an opportunity to display your favorite sentimental moments. Maybe it’s the antique photo from your grandparents’ wedding or the scenic photo from your trip to Italy. Whatever you choose will add dimension and character to the room. Gallery walls with a variety of shapes and sizes are unique, personal, and can become very conversational. Bonus: there’s really no wrong way to create one!


Get creative with your storage space. If you want easy access to objects you use everyday, place them in stylish containers (read: baskets) that are as pretty as they are functional.

Flowers and Plants 

Flowers and plants breathe life and color into a room, and are the final touch when creating the perfect living space. The flowers you choose to display say a lot about you and your tastes. Do you prefer color? Try a vibrant bouquet. Are you more natural and earthy? A tree or fern might be the option for you. How you display the plants is important too. Add detail with a patterned vase and mason jars, or place a potted plant in a basket.


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