Creating a Functional Baby Nursery with Decorative Baskets

If you’re a first-time parent, it’s so easy to get lost in the joys of decorating your baby’s nursery. There are so many colors and themes to choose from! Not to mention, registering for everything you imagine the baby will need gets overwhelming. Just don’t forget about your needs. Life with a newborn can be made a bit simpler when you consider the small things, like wicker baskets. Take a look at how wicker baskets can simplify your life while bringing beauty and functionality to reality.

Functional, Decorative Baskets

No matter how much space you may or may not have in your nursery, you can always use more. From diapers to teething rings, the number of items your little one accumulates is incredible. With decorative baskets' help, you can line your floating shelves, bookcases, or changing table cubbies with beautiful extra storage space.

If you’re short on space but have stacks of baby books, wicker baskets make attractive options. As your baby gets older, pole-handed decorative baskets will make it easier for them to pull out, look through, and carry their items from room to room. There's no need to stress over-cluttered or disorganized bookshelves when you can pop them in a decorative basket for years to come!

Decorative Baskets for Storing Necessities

Wicker baskets come in a variety of shades and sizes to accommodate every inch of your nursery. Believe us when we say you can never have too many. Store your diapers and wipes in an easy to access, lift-off lid wicker basket. With plenty of room to store your bulk purchases, you’ll have them at your fingertips when you need them instead of crammed in a storage space in the pantry. We recommend that you purchase a nested set of two and use one for extra swaddles, blankets, and burp cloths. As your baby grows, these decorative baskets make the perfect toy box!

Discreet Storage Needs

It can be tough to find a spot to store your necessities while being discreet and keeping them out of your little one’s reach. A narrow lidded basket adds appeal while offering you a place for your mommy needs. You can easily keep your breast pump, creams, and pads tucked away in plain sight.

Decorative Baskets as Laundry Baskets

Wicker baskets make perfect laundry baskets, both in your nursery and throughout your home. We recommend keeping small ones in the rooms you use most for those unforeseen spit ups and messes. A quick change and toss into a beautiful, unsuspecting French laundry basket can save you time in a pinch. You'll even love the sturdy yet lightweight design with easy to transport handles. 

If your home lacks in the extra space department, consider a laundry basket explicitly designed for corner spaces to save precious space. It remains tucked out of the way and fits perfectly in your nursery or bathroom. If instant organization is a must, compartment laundry baskets make laundry a less time-consuming chore.

As you decorate your nursery, let us help you beautify it with functional wicker décor. Our baskets are practical and suitable for any space. Discover the ideal wicker basket for your nursery or any room in your home, no matter the style or purpose. Shop now

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