Updating Your Home with Wicker Baskets

Do you get that yearly itch to reorganize and redecorate your home as spring peeks around the corner? Or maybe you’re like us and don’t need a seasonal excuse to make updates around the home. With a few wicker baskets here and there, you can incorporate storage, organization, and beauty with the simple addition of decorative baskets.

Imagine making your life easier with eye-catching, functional storage baskets. Updating your space has never been simpler or more budget-friendly! We’ll take you through our favorite ways to update each room in your home in style with sustainable solutions.

Why Update Your Home with Decorative Baskets?

High-quality wicker baskets bring a fresh look to your home while offering the benefits of adding storage in plain sight. Whether you lack space or long to fill it up, decorative baskets serve many purposes. Livening up each room doesn’t need to cost a fortune or require a full makeover. The right storage basket can assist with your:

  • Decorative goals
  • Organizational needs
  • Provide additional storage options

Adding Kitchen Appeal with Decorative Baskets

Updating your home can be as simple as adding a few strategic touches. Consider incorporating a pop of color by adding a bit of greenery into open decorative baskets around your kitchen. Wicker baskets add charm by housing your silk floral arrangements and plants in style. We highly recommend our petite rectangular wicker basket for your dining table’s centerpiece and making use of the forgotten space above your kitchen cabinets by adding a few stylish covered storage baskets. You can also bring warmth to your kitchen using decorative baskets to display your fresh fruits and vegetables, napkins, or condiments.

They’re also useful for those cluttered kitchen cabinets. Consider our Kitchen Cabinet Wicker Basket collection to make organizing your heavy-duty pots and pans a breeze. With two convenient handle cut-ins for easy grab and transport access, you’ll finally have your cabinets and kitchen accessories whipped into shape. Don’t worry about loading up those heavy pots—the beautiful two-by-two rattan weave provides plenty of support for all your cookware. With an extra-deep design and three size options to select from, you’ll be in awe of this simple kitchen cabinet update.

Update Your Bedroom with Storage Baskets

Update your bedroom with storage basket options that offer more than just a place to hide your winter PJs. Gorgeous baskets can still bring practical storage solutions to meet all your needs. From additional closet storage to under-the-bed baskets, we have styles to fulfill all your bedroom update visions.

Our Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunk offers the convenience of two nested units for additional closet or linen storage while designed to be on display. With three lovely rattan finishes to choose from, these trunks will add warmth and appeal at the foot of your bed or perched under a window. Fill them with seasonal clothes, travel bags, and purses, or extra blankets for chilly nights.

Storage Baskets for a Home Office Update

With so many of us working from home, we know it’s easy to feel confined within your new workspace. Update your home office area with a beautifully hand-woven organizational wicker basket designed to declutter any desktop and keep your pens, post-it notes, and chargers tidy and accounted for. You can continue your mini office revamp with storage baskets made to declutter your drawers and keep folders and documents organized.

If your office bookshelves can use a helping hand, update the look, feel, and functionality with a few Pole Handle Storage Baskets. These sturdy storage baskets are crafted to hold your office supplies while sizing options are available to meet everyone’s shelving needs. The convenience of the beautifully crafted pole handles allows easy accessibility and carrying options. Update your shelves with a variety of options, including:

Cozy Updates to Your Livingroom

If you find yourself spending most of your time in the living room, you may be itching for a change of scenery. With the simple addition of a Deep Wicker Storage Trunk, you can add additional storage for your larger items while updating the entire area's look and feel. Storage trunks also provide efficiency in smaller spaces where extra throw pillows and blankets may need a permanent home. The spacious trunks make great conversation pieces with their decorative leather strap and handles. Sturdy enough to conceal all your living room extras in plain sight, this is one of our must-have pieces for any home makeover.

If your magazine collection has begun to take over your living room, our Magazine Storage Basket provides the perfect solution. Built with the weight of your magazines and books in mind, this narrow but sturdy addition will keep your room tidy. The slender design is perfect for conserving space, while the pole handles offer quick access and convenient carrying.

Simple Bathroom Updates with Decorative Baskets

Whether you’re making improvements to a guest bathroom or a master bath, wicker baskets offer beautiful options to suit your toiletry needs. Lidded Wicker Baskets are an attractive way to optimize bathroom space, make toiletries accessible yet concealed, and add a charming display to the space. Use this slender basket to house your extra tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls while extending your home’s décor into this often-neglected space. Who needs a full-blown remodel when you can add simple touches with wicker baskets? Hide all your little bathroom necessities and unmentionables with ease.

If your restroom offers limited cabinet space, considering optimizing it by storing towels and toiletries in one of our Petit Pole Handle Wicker Storage Baskets. Store your cosmetics and hair care products in style with a decorative basket update to your bathroom counter.

Update with Quality Wicker Baskets

Our dedicated team of highly skilled weavers works directly with us, allowing us to offer our baskets at affordable prices. Our unique rattan woven baskets are made from natural materials, offering slight yet unique variations in every handcrafted basket. Lightweight and flexible, our beautifully designed products provide undeniable durability for all your storage needs.

If you’re ready to give your home the update it deserves without the hassle of a remodel, decorative baskets offer the endless possibilities you’re looking for!

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