Fall into Organization

The kids are back to school and that means we're back to our regularly scheduled routine. Now is the perfect time to organize your home (and your life!) for the Fall season. I always like to create a list of areas that I want to organize and tackle them one at a time. Below is a list that I am currently working through that may help you too!

The Fall season is extra busy. Not only do you have to get yourself organized, and your home ready for the upcoming cold season, but you are also dealing with new back-to-school routines. Having a command center in your home helps to organize everyone's life. Hang a family calendar where everyone can see the schedule each day, use Pole Handle Wicker Storage Baskets to organize homework, important papers and bills that need to be paid. These Jumbo Wicker Storage Baskets are great for Kids Cubbies where they can store their backpacks, sports equipment and shoes so everything is ready for the next morning. I also like these Desktop Storage Wicker baskets that make it quick and easy to find a pen, scissors, stapler, stamps or a note pad right when I need it. 

I don't know about you, but my kids' closets are in constant chaos. Between switching out items for the seasons, to keeping track of what fits and what doesn't, this is an area of the home that can certainly cause meltdowns...for both mom and kids. But this is where baskets can come in very handy. To keep closet shelves tidy, these Deep Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket help organize folded clothing like sweatshirts or sweaters in the Winter months, or shorts in the Summer. I also place these Tall Narrow Wicker Storage Baskets on the closet floor for toys, stuffed animals, kids purses and bags and more. These Underbed Wicker Storage Baskets can also help store bulky sweaters and sweatshirts to give you extra closet space. I also like to keep this Kubu Square Tote Basket nearby so I can throw clothes that don't fit anymore in a separate space until I can deal with it. Then I can easily pick up the basket and bring it to the basement for storage, or to the car for my next trip to the Salvation Army.

My pantry is currently trying to recover from the summer snacking season. When the kids are home all day, they are constantly rummaging around looking for food. "Mom, I'm huuuuuungry!" Sound familiar? But now, I'm taking my pantry back! A major deep clean is in order. Also look for canned items that you can donate to create more space in your pantry. Create a basket storage system with these Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Baskets. They can be labeled and the poles help you pull pantry items in and out of drawers or cabinets. 


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