How to Pick the Perfect Baskets

When it comes to organization and storage, nothing meets your needs quite like a hand-woven wicker basket. Whether you’re in declutter mode, moving to a smaller space, or simply looking for a practical laundry basket, there are plenty of ways to ensure you’re choosing the perfect wicker baskets to meet all your needs. With a few careful considerations, we’ll have you selecting your baskets in no time at all. A few things to keep in mind as you search for the perfect wicker baskets:

  • Consider your space needs and limitations
  • What functions do you need your wicker baskets to serve?
  • Prioritize your wicker basket features

Consider Your Space Needs and Limitations

Each space is unique and requires evaluation when shopping for the perfect wicker baskets, from dorms and offices to mudrooms and walk-in closets. Start with a list of areas you are focusing on. Will you be organizing, storing, or only bringing a touch of functional beauty to your space? Do you need a laundry basket that can hide in plain sight due to lack of space? Do your office drawers require an overhaul with a little storage help? These are all questions worth asking yourself before diving headfirst into a sea of beautifully woven wicker baskets. While many baskets can serve multiple functions, it’s best to have a plan to meet each space's needs and limitations.

Can your small space accommodate wall shelving? Consider storing items in handy Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket. These beauties offer extra storage space while adding a beautiful touch to your décor. They make great office additions with various sizes and convenient cut-in handles for simple grab and go needs.

Does your closet or bathroom have little space to accommodate your needs? Laundry baskets come in plenty of shapes and sizes for any tight fit or out-of-the-way needs. Wicker baskets provide intricate designs, stunning décor, and practical functionality. When you need a  laundry basket to transport your items to and from the laundry mat or apartment laundry room, the easy-to-carry Oval Wicker Laundry Basket will handle your needs. With a hand-woven, tapered shape, this laundry basket will make life much more comfortable. Even our large laundry basket and hamper options make your chore a breeze through their lightweight rattan design with convenient cut-out handles and liners to cinch and tote.

The 3-Compartment Wicker Laundry Hamper is a favorite of those fortunate enough to have a large bathroom, closet, or laundry room. This helpful mega laundry basket boasts a large-gauge rattan design with individually lined compartments for handy sorting, making it a laundry basket dream come true.

Wicker Baskets with Functional Purpose

Evaluating your needs will help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a wicker basket. Create a master checklist and go through each room or space. Do you need to file, conceal, declutter, or create additional space? Each wicker basket offers a multitude of functions that can suit your needs. Consider:

  • The Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunks allow you to store extra linens and pillows at your bed's foot. Or, use them as décor and a handy option for hidden storage in your living room. They work great to store games and toys in bedrooms, playrooms, and common areas you wish to keep tidy.
  • Are you looking for a trunk-style wicker basket? Built with handles to easily transport, this gorgeous wicker basket with rattan weave offers a sturdy pole framing and durable wooden bottom for your heavier items in any room. Stash away those books and magazines you just don’t have the space for, or hide your go-to items in plain sight with a convenient lift-off lid for quick access.
  • How about an eye-catching wicker basket that serves as your kitchen trash can? An alternative to your typical kitchen trash can, our Tall Wicker Waste Basket with Metal Liner will recreate your kitchen space with a warm, unique wicker basket design. You’ll love the grey wash undertones that add to your kitchen décor. The large round basket can handle your recycling needs or offer storage for large items in mudrooms and entryways too. It’s the perfect multifunctional basket for any area.

Prioritize the Wicker Basket Features You Need

Once you have your list of needs for each space, prioritize the features you’ll need to accommodate each area and function. Wicker baskets offer an array of fabulous features, including:

  • Carrying Convenience: Is your laundry basket sturdy, yet lightweight? Does it offer a pull-out laundry basket bag or easy to transport handles? If you’re tackling stairs or small trek to the machine, you'll undoubtedly want to boost carrying convenience to the top of your laundry basket needs.
  • Easy Access: Lidless wicker baskets and cut-out handles can be priceless when you have a lot to store. Whether in an office or pantry, you’ll be able to slide those wicker baskets in and out and grab exactly what you need.
  • Compartments: If your laundry basket or office organizer needs include compartments, there are plenty of wicker baskets that offer compartments to fit your needs. Quickly sort clothes in your compartmentalized laundry basket or separate bills and small supplies in a beautifully woven desktop organizer basket.
  • Liners: Another feature you may want to consider is a wicker basket liner. Liners can be a necessary feature for laundry baskets to prevent snagging or to offer comfortable carrying options. Liners also protect your wicker baskets from dust and dirt and provide an appealing addition to your décor.

Why ChooseWicker Baskets?

Wicker baskets provide beautiful functionality in any space. Wicker baskets are easy to clean and maintain and provide years of service for all your space needs. Wicker baskets offer durability, holding their shape, color, and usefulness. They are the superior choice when selecting storage and organizational options. And let’s not forget the aesthetics.

At the Basket Lady, our wicker baskets are hand-woven by talented artisans to ensure quality, durability, and individuality. No matter what your needs may be, our vast collection of wicker baskets offers sustainable, functional beauty and stylish organization and storage options. If you’re ready to start organizing, decluttering, or creating more space to meet your lifestyle needs, wicker baskets will accomplish these demands. Find the wicker baskets that meet all your needs today.

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