Best Basket Organization Ideas for Your Space

Our favorite organization and storage solution for any space is decluttering with beautifully functional wicker baskets. Natural rattan wicker baskets are stylish, practical, and provide durability for all your needs. So, how can you incorporate wicker baskets into your home, office, or school organization? We’ve put together some of our best basket organization ideas to help you create your dream space.

Living Room Organization

Your living room is likely full of cozy blankets, decorative throw pillows, books, and gadgets. It’s a welcoming area for family time as much as it is for hosting guests. So, where do you store everything to keep your living room clutter-free yet easily accessible? Your storage and organization solutions can be as easy as adding a few stunning wicker baskets and trunks. Placing your baskets strategically throughout the room will add beauty while keeping clutter in check.

Instead of tossing those pillows and blankets to the floor, why not nestle them away in our deep wicker storage trunk? Try creating sections within your trunk to organize games, books, extra pillows, and more. You can even use a variety of open storage wicker baskets to customize your trunk organization.

Kitchen Organization

From counters to cabinets, wicker baskets provide an elegant way to keep your kitchen tidy while freeing up precious space. Pole handle wicker storage baskets are perfect for

pantry organization. These durable rattan wicker baskets are expertly handcrafted in various sizes for your shelving needs. The two convenient pole handles make quick access and re-filling simple. Wicker basket pantry organization will transform the way you store everything!

We can’t neglect that kitchen cabinet clutter, can we? Organization for your pots, pans, and lids makes everything easier. Our Petit Pole Handle Wicker Storage Basket performs with your heavy-duty kitchen essentials in mind. With two handle cut-ins for more accessible transport, these baskets will keep your cabinets tidy. The two-by-two rattan weave provides strength and support for your most cumbersome items. 

Office Organization

Keep your small office items tidy with a variety of wicker baskets. Between mail, files, and work supplies, wicker baskets will keep your organization goals in check while adding to your room’s décor. And for at your fingertip needs, our large wicker organizer basket will help you manage your desktop organization in style.

Bedroom and Closet Organization

You can never have enough bedroom or closet space, so why not organize with beautiful wicker baskets? From under bed wicker storage boxes to organizing your accessories, shoes, and delicates, wicker baskets provide the structure and space you’ve been dreaming of. Shape up your closet shelves by organizing and displaying your items by season, color, or size – the options are endless when you shape up your closets with baskets.

Organization for Mudrooms, Entryways, and More

Keep your entry areas clutter-free with large, versatile baskets. Choose a tall umbrella basket for those wet umbrellas or a unique gathering basket for mail, keys, and more. Keeping your entry areas warm and welcoming is as simple as limiting clutter with a handwoven basket.

You’ll never go wrong with stylish storage options. From surviving small spaces to creating functional workspaces, there is an array of appealing wicker baskets that will meet your needs. Find the perfect organization baskets for your space today. 

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