Our Five Favorite Storage Trunks

When it comes to storage trunks for your home or office spaces, beauty, quality, and functionality are a must. You want options that allow you to store various items, such as those extra blankets for a chilly day or files you want to hold onto a bit longer. But you also want options that are appealing to the eye and fit in well with your current décor. We know just what you need to incorporate the perfect storage trunk into your work and living spaces to make life easier and full of charm. We can’t wait for you to take a look at our five favorite storage trunks:

  1. Deep Wicker Storage Trunk
  2. Small Wicker Storage Trunk
  3. Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunk
  4. Wicker Storage Trunk
  5. Ombak Weave Lift-Off Lid Wicker Storage Basket

Why a Wicker Basket Makes the Best Storage Trunk

Whether you’re storing magazines, toiletries, clothing, or clutter, why not do it in style with a stunning rattan wicker basket? Rattan is known for its durability, allowing you to store just about anything in one of our favorite storage trunks. Each of our wicker baskets and trunks is carefully hand-woven by our dedicated artisans, to ensure longevity as well as individual beauty. With gorgeous styles, accents, and finishes to choose from, you’ll love the option to store your necessities in plain sight.

Deep Wicker Storage Trunk

If storage space is what you need, then that’s what you’ll get. Our Deep Trunk provides ample space with a sturdy frame and weave to handle your items. With beautiful brass hinges and a leather lock and handles, you can place this storage trunk in any area of your space to add to the décor in shades of Antique Walnut Brown or Toasted Oat. Two generous sizes are great, but a nested set of two will save you space as well as money!

Small Wicker Storage Trunk

If you need a smaller wicker basket storage trunk, your miscellaneous items will be comfy in the petite version of our storage trunks. Hand-crafting each wicker basket with love and care makes them unique. With a rich brown finish and leather accent strap, you can display with pride or easily tuck away.

Deep Kubu Wicker Storage Trunk

The Kubu Trunk is a stunning piece and deserving of our number three spot. Its gracious space allows you to store to your heart’s content. While we offer three finishes, our favorite is the light blend of beige and grey that makes our Serene Grey seems so fresh and airy. The leather lock and handles are striking against the grey, and you'll love the attention it draws when your guests take notice. Feel free to use or remove the washable fabric liner according to your needs. It's a beautiful piece for the living room, toy room, or office space.

Wicker Storage Trunk

You can never go wrong with our classic trunk in your space. It offers the same durable, hand-woven look with lovely leather accents, but in a slightly smaller scale. Choose from two sizes in our Antique Walnut Brown finish and start storing! 

Ombak Weave Lift-off Lid Wicker Storage

With a lift-off lid, sturdy handles, and intricate ombak weaving, we think you’ll love this style as much as we do. The easy-off lid makes it perfect for toy storage and even better for stacking. And like our other trunks, this storage trunk  includes a removable fabric liner. It provides the space you need in a unique weave and soothing Batu Grey finish.

No matter what your storage needs may be, our incredible line of hand-crafted trunks is sure to exceed your expectations. Let us help you store your office and household items in plain sight while adding an elegant touch for everyone to enjoy.

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