Tips for Keeping Your Baskets Organized and Clutter-Free

Decluttering your home or office space can bring a tremendous sense of relief, accomplishment, and focus to your daily routine. Utilizing wicker baskets helps you store a wide variety of belongings and essentials while keeping them conveniently hidden in plain sight. Genius, right? Who wouldn’t love walking into a room full of gorgeous rattan? You can add a touch of hand-woven décor to any room while bringing basket organization to a whole new level. But how do you keep your basket organization efforts from becoming part of the clutter themselves? Is transferring a pile of unsorted mail to your new Ombak Weave Low Storage Basket meeting or defeating your overall goal? If moving the mess from one location to another sounds like you, you’ll love these helpful tips. You can incorporate these ideas using beautifully woven wicker baskets to organize while keeping your basket organization focus on track.

Sorting Through the Mess

Do you ever find yourself bringing home new wicker baskets with the best intentions in mind? You may envision tidying up the front office by designating a wicker basket for mail and bills. You may even plan to store all those magazines in a Rectangular Wicker Divided Magazine Basket instead of leaving them lying about the house. But are you effectively using with your basket organization system, or are you guilty of grabbing those piles, plopping them conveniently into the wicker baskets, and calling it a win? While you’ve certainly put a pretty face on your clutter, the truth is, it’s still clutter. So, how do you put your efforts to good use? Sort through your piles before you place them in their new storage baskets.

  • Toss out the junk mail and make a new habit of doing so as soon as you collect your mail.
  • Get rid of ads or other mailers you keep meaning to go through but never do.
  • How old is that magazine you keep moving from table to table? It’s likely time to get rid of it and make room for recent issues.
  • Are there letters or documents you can file, store, or discard? Get in the habit of using your basket organization system as a means of holding items that are under thirty or sixty days old.
  • After paying bills, shred or file them away.
  • Sort through toys every few months to keep toy storage baskets from overflowing with items that are barely getting playtime.
  • Are you using your wicker baskets to store daily necessities, or are you beginning to collect things you genuinely don't need? Ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve lit that candle or worn that scarf. If it’s going to continue to collect dust, then moving it to a wicker basket won’t help your decluttering efforts.

Keeping Life Simple

One way to look at basket organization is in terms of keeping your life as simple as possible. Let’s take laundry, for example. And yes, that groan you just made is the perfect reason why you could use the 3-Compartiment Kubu Wicker Laundry Hamper. Instead of tossing your dirty clothes and towels into a heap every day, why not pre-sort them in a hamper that will keep your loads separate and ready to throw in the wash? With convenient handle cutouts in each compartment’s liner, the wash won’t be quite the dreaded chore it once was.

Underbed Wicker Storage Boxes are a brilliant way to protect and store off-season clothing while keeping them easily accessible. Organize your clothes or accessories by color, type, or style to make retrieving them a breeze. With two sizes to choose from, you can tuck away a wide variety of items without sacrificing space.

Short on space? Keep your storage simple by nesting wicker baskets. With a stunning Deep Wicker Storage Trunk, you’ll whip any room in the house into shape without taking up unnecessary space. Store extra bedding in a trunk at the foot of the bed. By creating smaller sections within the trunk, you can easily organize space for blankets, pillows, sheets, and pillowcases. With a wide variety of open storage wicker baskets to choose from, you can customize your trunks to meet your needs.

Basket organization offers appealing and functional ways to answer all your space and organizational needs. Just remember to utilize your wicker baskets in practical ways to keep from adding to your clutter. By adopting a few new routines, you’ll create a more functional space and effortless flow. With an array of beautiful baskets to choose from, let’s find the perfect organizational baskets to fit your needs!

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