Our Three Favorite Rectangular Baskets

When you envision the perfect space, finding the right baskets to fit your wants and needs is essential. You want options that suit the décor in your home or office, serve the purpose you have in mind, and fit perfectly where you need them to. That’s the wonderful thing about our favorite rectangular baskets; they are the ideal wicker baskets to accommodate all your functional and decorative needs. While all of our hand-woven rattan wicker baskets will bring charm and order to your space, we can’t live without these three particular rectangular baskets: 

  1. Wicker Kitchen Cabinet Baskets
  2. Long Narrow Pole Handle Basket
  3. Lift-Off Lid Wicker Storage Basket

Wicker Kitchen Cabinet Wicker Baskets

Who wouldn’t love to bring style and organization to their kitchen cabinets? Our three sizes of rectangular baskets are made with your under-cabinet needs in mind. With cut-in handles for easy to move and carry ability, finding precisely what you need will be a breeze. Each wicker basket is built for strength with full-pole framing, so load them up without worry. Their deep and roomy design gives you plenty of storage options throughout your kitchen, including your pantry needs. If you need a few rectangular baskets that will be out on display, the gorgeous Antique Walnut finish and two-by-two weave are pleasing to the eye.

Long Narrow Pole Handle Wicker Basket

No home or office space is complete without this fantastic rectangular basket must-have. Simply put, it’s the perfect storage and organization companion for any room and any need. Don’t believe us? These multipurpose wicker baskets offer a slim design that fits well anywhere. They provide plenty of strength with their internal wire framing and sturdy pole handles. Use them as:

  • Shelving organization in any room
  • Bathroom storage for towels, toilet paper, toiletries, and more
  • Serving baskets when entertaining
  • Decorative plant holders throughout your home

With two appealing finishes and three convenient sizes to choose from, you won’t go wrong.

Lift-Off Lid Wicker Storage Basket

Another rectangular basket option we can’t do without is the Lift-Off Lid Wicker Basket. These elegantly woven storage baskets feature three basket weaving styles and boast an incredibly durable wood bottom and pole framing. Don't be afraid to fill them up and let them beautify your space in plain sight.

Use these deep baskets as hanging folder organization in your office, keep toy clutter off the floor, or store your cozy blankets by the couch for easy access. Let's face it; we all have extra items lying around that need a home or hiding place. You’ll love the sizes and finishes we offer and an easily removable fabric liner to keep your precious items intact. No matter what you may want to store, the lift-off lid provides the perfect way to keep your home or office clutter-free.

We offer a wide array of wicker basket options, expertly hand-crafted to meet all your needs. Whether it’s rectangular baskets for organizing or baskets for your laundry needs, you’ll find we offer everything you need.  Visit us today to find the stylish storage you’ve been envisioning for your space!

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