The She-Shed Trend is Here to Stay

And I am not complaining! These small house, lady havens are adorable and are ideal spots to unwind after the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Because let’s face it, who can relax in a hectic kitchen or a messy living room?

When I think about my dream she-shed, it would be a blissful space where I could read, meditate, research recipes, plan our next vacation, relax after a busy day of work and caring for my two (very) active young sons, or invite girlfriends over for a glass of wine. Pictured here are some examples of the she sheds I love. Clean lines and large, open-air windows or doors that let in lots of light.

Thinking about building or creating your own she shed now? I know I am! Many of these spaces that you see online are professionally done. But your shed doesn’t have to look like something from a magazine. You can give any humble backyard space some tender loving care, or even find some DIY versions online.

For the interior, think about how you will use the space first. Will it be a place where you curl up to read a good a book or magazine or will it be a gardening or craft room? That will help you determine how to decorate. 

As with any small space, organizing a she shed is a priority so you can peacefully enjoy the space without clutter everywhere. The Basket Lady has some great organization options to get you started. Underbed Storage Basket or Underbed Storage Boxes would help store books, magazines, and blankets under a sofa or bed. Small baskets can hold candles, snacks, craft items and more and can be placed on wall shelves to help save on floor space. A small space waste basket will help keep your place clean. And, don’t forget a Wicker Serving Tray to get wine from the house to your she shed! For more ideas and inspiration, click here.

If you could have a She- Shed, what would it look like and how would you decorate it?  Comment below.


  • Indy

    A she shed would be an amazing place for a yoga studio! Thank you for this article!


    This is so cool. I have the perfect spot for a she-shed in my woods. This article just inspired me to start planning!

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