Wicker Baskets: Adding Charm to your Décor and Displays

Wicker baskets add functional beauty to every space in your life – home, office, school, and dorms, to name a few. They assist with your organizational needs, help you declutter, and provide additional storage, sometimes in plain sight. Let’s not forget the tremendous decorative appeal wicker baskets have to offer any space. A decorative basket can add a beautiful, timeless look to any room. Let’s take a peek at a few of our favorite ways to use beautifully woven wicker baskets as a practical way to revamp your space:
  • Decorative baskets for greenery
  • Decorative baskets for candles
  • Basket décor for your office

Decorative Baskets for your Greenery

Wicker baskets make a fantastic option for housing plants and floral arrangements in style. While we can't all have a natural green thumb, we can undoubtedly exhaust all efforts to freshen up our space with a bit of faux greenery here and there. While books, photographs, and paintings may adorn your walls and shelves, there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous display of flowers or greens in a rattan woven basket to spark joy in your space. Consider adding a small, rectangular, wicker basket as your kitchen table’s centerpiece, filling it with a low maintenance silk floral arrangement. Perhaps the space between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is begging for a makeover. What better way to add a pop of color and décor than with the intricate weaving of a decorative basket full of silk plants? While you’re restyling your kitchen, try a wicker gathering basket in the center of your island. Fill this beauty with fresh fruits and vegetables for a decorative and useful display. With little upkeep necessary, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this game-changer before!

Basket Decorations as Candle Holders

If you're a candle lover, there’s a good chance you have them lining counters, taking up shelf space, and filling your cabinets. Open storage wicker baskets provide an attractive and sensible decorative basket option to store your scents. Storing your candles within a decorative basket will provide a way to keep your counters tidy yet stunning. Still, we advise against lighting them in the basket or recommend vigilance if doing so. Long, low wicker baskets offer the perfect way to house your candles and toiletries in the bathroom without distracting clutter lying around. These beautiful decorative baskets come in various sizes and eye-catching tones to add to your bathroom décor.

Basket Décor for Office Supplies

Office spaces can certainly use a little help in the organization and décor department. Luckily, wicker baskets make wonderful decoration pieces, so putting them to use in your office space can be a lifesaver. There's no need for anyone to know your secret – your bookshelf of basket decorations doubles as your go-to for office storage needs. While your guests see appealing, hand-woven design, your carefully crafted, sustainable basket decorations are keeping your area clutter and disarray. Wicker baskets offer endless decorating opportunities for all your spaces. Whether your needs involve storage or a refreshing makeover, add a little pizzaz to your area with the beauty of a wicker basket.

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