Top Five Ways to Use Wicker Baskets

Whether you're short on space, in need of decluttering, or merely looking for ways to add a touch of décor with benefits, you will never go wrong with wicker baskets. With the addition of durability, longevity, and beautiful storage space, you'll soon be utilizing wicker baskets in every space, from home to school and office. Here are our top five favorite ways to use wicker baskets effectively:

  1. Organize your pantry
  2. Store seasonal clothes and accessories
  3. Hide your necessities in plain sight
  4. Make laundry a breeze
  5. Keep your workspaces tidy and functional

Organize Your Pantry

There’s nothing quite like walking into a pantry to find everything in order and easy to grab. Whether you are tight on pantry and cabinet space, have shelves with little depth, or are searching for practical ways to keep school snacks in order, wicker baskets provide:

  • Sturdy pole handles for grab-and-go ease
  • Structurally sound rattan for supporting your heaviest of canned goods
  • Narrow, tall, and shallow wicker basket options for all your shelving needs

Store Seasonal Clothes and Accessories

If you’re struggling to find enough space in your bedroom or prefer to store off-season clothing and accessories, under bed wicker baskets are an excellent option to make use of. Woven in perfect dimensions to slide under your bed and out of sight, you may also choose to store them in your closets. With easy to lift off lids and functional cut-out handles, your clothing and accessories will be right at your fingertips and easy to transport when you need them. Are you storing delicates? Not a problem! Our baskets have fine-fitting removable fabric liners to protect all your items in storage.

Hide Your Necessities in Plain Site

We all have areas that can use more space, and when that’s just not possible, selecting beautifully hand-woven wicker baskets allows you to store and organize necessities in plain sight. Whether your room doubles as a workspace, your dorm or apartment lacks extra space, or your bathrooms are too tiny to hold everything you need, wicker can provide both home décor and extra storage space in plain sight. From paperwork to toiletries, there’s a basket for all your needs.

Make Laundry a Breeze

Get those piles of dirty laundry off the floor or chair and into pre-organized loads with compartment hampers or make use of tight areas with stunning French woven baskets and slender corner hampers. No matter what your laundry needs may be, wicker baskets can handle the weight of your larger loads while providing easy carrying options from room to room or down to the laundry mat. Who says laundry baskets need to be dull and unappealing?

Keep Your Workspaces Tidy and Functional

Nobody functions well in a messy space, so why not tidy up a bit with wicker baskets specifically crafted to make your workspace beautifully functional again? From desktop organizers to magazine and filing options, wicker baskets bring fashionable décor and extra storage to all your work area needs. Every item will have its place, bringing calm and order to your space.

If you’re ready to dive in, declutter, and decorate your spaces, wicker baskets will bring you the charm and functionality your life needs. We invite you to visit our broad selection of wicker baskets and begin transforming your space today!

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